1. G

    Wazsent ther a deztop tread were people post there deztop??

    Wazsent ther a deztop tread were people post there deztop??
  2. N

    hummor pic tread

    post the most hilarius pic's you know, here is an sample: now you go..... tut tut last img not allowed. Ryoko
  3. Ultimate Trunks


    Can someone please tell me how to transfer a screen shot to a thread I have some screen shots I want to put in some of my threads P.S. A picture tells all words
  4. N

    the big 1.3 idea tread

    lets make a list to see what we want to have in 1.3. :notice: please don't stick on one subject, just say what you want in so the esf team can get some ideas just to look in this tread. my idea is to get self distruct in 1.3 so that vegeta get's more played and make him les limited now...
  5. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Perfect cell tread #2

    Perfect cell tread #2 wip because the prev tread of p cell was closed becuse of ........ , i m making a scond one for tweek , i v mange to do the botom part when the stomach connects the legs OK made back , torso al most done now , looks good , starting to finish back <object...
  6. S

    SSJ4 trunks

    has anybody ever thought of making a SSJ4 Trunks model that would be somthing to see i tihnk
  7. S

    freeza 100% and the other

    why clos that tread man i WANT THAT FREEZA U ASS
  8. W

    nice model! but need help....

    ok, i am dont know how to create a model with milkshape and i wish from u guys thet u wiil take this 1.0 goku model and take his hair hair and moved it to goku of 1.1 plz here some pic and then download of the model and plz create me a goku 1.1 beta with new hair from 1.0 model 10x u...
  9. S

    can i have som help with milkshape3d please

    :scared: i need som help with milkshape3d, how i open models from esf? or other like cs, hl, mdl
  10. V

    availeble modellers

    Are there any availeble modellers that want to join my mods team?? this is no advertisment, so plz don't close this tread] If you can do this, PM me...
  11. G

    (Ani)Matrix Sig Tread

    Keeping in the back of our heads that the Matrix Reloaded is real close, I'f desided to make a sig tread ONLY for Matrix/Animatrix SIGS so... Post all your (Ani)Matrix sigs here I'll start of with my latest piece:
  12. G

    how dow i add pichers to my tread??

    if u no plz tall meO_o
  13. P

    Suggestions please.

    Okay, so I know about the basics of modelling in 3ds Max, and I definetly want to make some models for esf. The first mini-project I'm going to start working on is modifying the gohan model that comes with the game (much luv and props for the ESF team :-D ) to simply have a more ssj2 look to...
  14. S

    Where is the guy that said???

    that he created a aura for the hair ( yellow and blue lightning) So what about it did he created allready or not
  15. O

    ---Launch as a character---

    im busy and will never get around to it but my idea was to add a female character for a change. Instead of using powers she could use weapons Attacks: these wepons fire Beams or Energy balls except for the Rocket Launcher which fires well... a rocket Pistol Shotgun(with spread...
  16. S

    k this tread....

    is from thor, he wantede me to post it cause hes banned, (so leave me out of this) he wants to know, why he was banned.;/
  17. Cyberdog1010

    The most idiotic Tread ever

    I have a dream.... that i can create a tread with so much stupidity on it that it will make your head hurt. yes.. a thread to let out all your stupidity and more! i just want to see how weird all you people really are. (hehe) even if i get just 20 replyies i will be happy reply if you...