1. D


    What's the big damn deal? Why do people find this so horrible? It's really not hard to transform without being seen. I don't see why people transform up in the air, in the middle of the map, and then wonder why they're such a juicy target. When I transform, I do it on the ground in a...
  2. ~Dark Trunks~


    iight my suggestion is to take transkilling out of esf altogether. its pretty annoying wen ur tryna trans and people keep hittin u wit generic beams tryna kill u b4 u can finish or jus keep throwin discs at u. i think wut shold happen is wen they are tryna throw things at u ur ki pushes...
  3. |Overlord|


    ok , i notice that some people in servers tend to wine about getting killed when transing , they piss and moan and g\cry and start calling people newbs and f*gs & so on IT'S NOT SOMETHING TO PISS AND MOAN ABOUT , THER'E JUST EXPLOITING YOUR WEAKNESS , just like usal when someone in play would...
  4. Ravendust

    A Solution To Transkilling

    I know the ESF team have got a whole new system for 1.3 in place whereby you're invinicble on the first transformation and after that you're killable, and as far as I know it's still in play, but I would request that this thread is kept open for discussion. My idea is simple, it provides a...
  5. Rayna


    People complains all the time if you attack them when transforming, so I'd like to know what is the forum's ppls opinion about this. I at first never attacked when transforming, I considered it very lame and noobish, and got very pissed when somebody did this. But now I do (not always though...
  6. S


    Hi everybody, I've been thinking: I really hate people who transkill. I think there is a solution to solve transkiliing. Make the transforming aura be some kind of shield like gohan'sm attack number 5. U should get the effect like when cell becomes perfect in DBZ. Everybody who tries 2 hit...