1. Dalte89

    Swoop Dust Trails etc.

    Nuthin much just wanted to ask if u guys planned on bringing back the swoop trails and making them looking even sexierrrr. Also i wanted 2 ask if u guys wud finally add splashing 4 when someone is meleed into the water really fast, like in the show where a huge blast of water splashes out, and...
  2. saiyan_warriors

    Dust Trails...

    Hello everyone. I have a question about the dust trails that used to be in esf. I know that a while back the dust trails used to slow servers and other peoples computers down. None the less whenever people boosted at others during battle and seeing the trails was freaken sweet. I was wondering...
  3. E

    PLUGIN: Swoop trails

    Description : trails while swooping Commands : none :laff: Installation : unrar the file and place it INTO your Half-Life folder. Then just edit plugins.ini and write swoop_trails.amxx in that file. Usage : Just begin swooping. XD Download link: CLICK ME ::NOTE:: Who wants...
  4. Ravendust

    Those swoop trails...

    I just played a game on the ESF World server (server #2 I believe) and they had the serverside swoop trails we heard about in ESF Chat. They looked badass and true to the show. I know it's non-essential eyecandy but in a 3v3 server where everyone was whoring basic melee to death and...
  5. S

    Serverside KI Trails??

    I joined a server today, and there were ki trails following you there when swooping.. nothing fancy, just a thin line following you, with the same color as your aura.. Now i know i don't have them installed.. so... was it a serverside thing? Does anybody know what i'm talking about? Or where...
  6. S

    swoop trails?

    erm, ive played in a few servers with swoop trails, i was wondering how to turn them on and off myself, is it a cvar? or option >_>?
  7. manontherun

    Walking through beam trails

    ^It would be nice if you couldn't do that. I know every ESF attack is basically a kiblast with different trails, size, homing, explosion radius, etc... But it would be nice if they could make it were you couldn't walk through beam trails like now, or is that just another HL restriction?....
  8. Dalte89

    Return of The Swoop Dust Trails

    In 1.3 can you guys please bring back the swoop dust trails. PLEEAAASEEE. Maybe it's only me but esf feels like it is missing something without the swoop dust trails. I remember in ESF 1.1, I used to always play on large levels with water (particularly ESF_ISLAND) because it gave a stronger DBZ...
  9. Shuyin

    Swoop Trails & Beam Delays

    Beams could benefit from having a delay after being fired (lets say 3 seconds, but it could vary for each beam) + Cuts down beam spamming, and stops the attack from looping over. Another thing while im at it, Having a fading swoop trail instead of just an aura would be a nice visual?
  10. S

    Ki trails when flying and bigger maps

    What's dragonball Z without the ki trails from flying?!, and maps need to be bigger and more things to break and blow up, and when you have no one to play with and dont have bots there should be populated cities, like if you were to play as buu or cell or somthing when you entered the city you...
  11. MopageBoy

    Dust trails....?

    Yeah what happend to them? they were cool
  12. Krazy-Killa

    Beam Trails

    I have no idea if this has been mentioned or fixed in 1.2, but in 1.1 when you fire a generic beam, kamehameha, gallit gun, final flash, etc, etc. Once it impacts, the beam trail that it made just goes blink, gone ;/. Is there a chance that it could be made to fade out of existence o_o?
  13. Phatslugga

    Beam Trails

    Well, I searched, and came up with nothing, so here's something that popped into my head the other day. After firing a beam, theres a trail that's connected to the head.. I thought it would be neat if an enemy ran into that trail it hurt him. I thought about the beam exploding, but that would be...
  14. Marauder


    tried to keep it simple
  15. C

    Aura Trails

    I Think this has been mentioned before but i really want to see this. You know like in the show when somone goes somewhere really fast theres a tail of aura energy behind them. Can we have that in esf? I think it would only work though when you go to melee somone cause then it only when your...
  16. B

    arura trails

    i fink it would be kewl if there were arura trails. they hav em in da show and most other dbz games so esf should put it in.
  17. Vengaurd

    Fixed the beam pack

    im sure you guys had noticed...but i wonder why none of you told me about it... ;( the bigger beam pack all the beam heads were pixely and had wight squares around them. this has been fixed and the trails are all now bigger. see sig for website
  18. L

    Beam Trails

    I was Just wondering if any one thought about giving beams dust trails when near thae ground or a wall. It is nothing special and most likely not be seen alot but it would look cool when it did happen
  19. Vengaurd

    big beam pack

    i got rather mixed comments from the kame poll so i figured id just start a new "black and white" poll. so tell me, do you think i should make all the beams bigger? (the generic beam being the exeption of coarse)
  20. D

    editing sprites HELP!!!!!!

    I need some help:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: I would like to know if there is a way to edit the sprite files in efs and if there is a program required let me know wut it is and where to download it please, if anyone can help me with this i would be very thanxful.:D