1. $

    Kame Torpedo sprites???????

    It seems that while i was changing the sprites for the kamehameha wave i altered the kame torpedo sprite. If anyone has the sprites i would appreciate it if u could provide a link.......kinda noobish when it comes to the configuring
  2. Z

    Kame Torpedo

    What's wrong with animation when i cast Kame torpedo Goku's animation is lost.:]
  3. MopageBoy

    When was Kame Torpedo Used?

    Um i havnt seen the whole series of dbz for quite some time... but when was the kame torpedo actually used in the show, i cant remember it...
  4. Ravendust

    Improve Kame Torpedo Tracking

    I don't know if anyone else even uses them, but Kame Torps are my favorite signature energy attack. Decent damage, homing, and you can fire six at once - they're also probably the most strategic attack in the game. However, the tracking (homing) on them is pretty horrible at times. Often...
  5. KidMan

    Kame Torpedo Question

    Ok when did Goku ever do a Kame Torpedo in the DBZ series? I do not remember anything of that sorta at all and I have a very good memory when it comes to DBZ...
  6. Pain

    Kame Torpedo fix

    A few things I've found wrong with this. Problem 1. No control. Often times it will go after nothing at all. They will fly at a random place on the map and detonate once they reach it (most of the time it's a surface but I've seen them blow up in the air for no reason). This is only half...
  7. Chakra-X

    Kame Torpedo?

    Yeah I was just thinking, the ESF team doesn't implimant unoffcial attacks of dRagonball Z...And while thinking this, I wondered where Kame Torpedo came from. Is it made up or has goku actually used in the show??
  8. J

    Buggy kame torpedo

    So, I fire my kame torp storage at someone but they suddetly go after some1 else! Really annoying when all my torps fly at some random guy and straight to the walls instead of the real target
  9. (SS2S) Kakorot

    how do you use came torpedo

    how do you use came torpedo cos on the bot match i was in it said blah killed blah with came torpedo, it aint secondary fire so wot is it?
  10. Cold Steel

    Goku's kame torpedo's.

    I find Goku's kame torpedo's rather large, they should be the size of a regular ki blast. Not that i'm complaining, if you leave it like this i wouldn't mind, but making them smaller would just look a lot better.
  11. G

    How do I do a Kame Torpedo and with who?

    How do I do a Kame Torpedo and with who?
  12. S

    Goku's Kamehameha torpedo attack.

    This attack shouldn't be in there its a waste of the move rotation iv never actually ever seened anyone use it why is it there? The move should be replaced with Kaioken.
  13. IceFire2050

    Yet another kami torpedo bug

    I was on the battlearena map and it was set for no melee well anyways me and my friend prity much do a combo at the start he charges a spirit bomb and i plant torpedo's around him so he wont get hit by kiwaves well anyways someone on the other team fired a kami torpedo at him and all 6...
  14. SSj Goten

    Please Help Me

    Can someone please tell me which is the kame torpedo? im editing it for my own new character :D
  15. Z

    Kame torpedo

    when you hold a move key and make 2 kame torpedo goku keep walking when making the 2nd one, he don't move but the animation is still playing
  16. SSj Goten

    Help with kame sprtie

    Can Some one please tell me what the sprite is for the kame torpedoes please:confused:
  17. X

    Fat Buu's Torpedo Attack. And Others...

    Even though im still against the whole idea about gokou having kame-torpedos (I hate saying that stupid name). Anyway. I just remembered something while seeing Kid Buu Saga in English the other day on CN, That Fat Buu did some kind of Torpedo attack on Kid Buu. The beams would dig a line...
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