1. Synth

    Tornado strikes CNN Center

    Everyone down here is freaking out... there is debri covering like 5 square blocks of downtown Atlanta. The letter 'C' was ripped off so it just says 'NN' It's some scary symbolism, if you consider it. When tornadoes come down in major cities, it's usually an insane mess. I almost went...
  2. SS4 Gogeta

    F5 tornado aftermath

    I sincerely hope everyone evacuated in time. :( o_o:scared: :shocked: the devastation caused by that tornado is pretty much absolute.
  3. Death The Jedi

    Planetary Desctruction FINAL

    Final version. Won't be updated unless someone gives an extremley well thought out crit, and I think what they say will make it look better.
  4. Death The Jedi

    Galactic Tornado

  5. X

    tornado map

    i have a lightbulb:idea: someone should make a map where u fight i a tornado or something so there would be things using the train entity so if u go to the outer area of the tornado u could get bashed by a huge boulder, but i wanna know if there are any other moving entities that wont hurt or...