1. Q

    New Wallpaper

    well this is the first real wallpaper that i have really tried to make I think it turns out pretty good take a look for yourselves Edit: BTW this was a wallpaper i made for redsaiyan in case you couldnt tell O_o comments and crits are welcome
  2. B

    Map pack dissapear?

    Once on, I downloaded a ESF Map pack. But now, I want to download it again, but I can't find it anymore! Can somebody teel me where I can find it?
  3. Optional


    will the mapper who made it please release it to us! i dont care if some people didnt like it cause i think it looks absolutly awsome!
  4. PiXel

    please help photoshop i needd that

    hi i need photoshop cann u give me a download please:)
  5. SSJ_ReNe

    !!SSJReNe` Artwork!!

    Hello Everyone to my third thread of my artwork. I would just like to say Please keep the spam and the flaming out of this thread, because my last 2 thread were stopped because of that main reason. If i see spamming i myself will get in contact with an Mod and have this thread closed, and if...
  6. E


    I dont understand can anyone help me???:cry: :cry: :cry:
  7. Ranma

    Really good tutorials?

    I checked the stickies, but the best tutorial they had was only 50% translated from germen, so, does anyone else have any really good, FULL OF PICTURES tutourals to help me out? Maybe list some that helped all of you modelers to learn how, unless you learned by yourself, my last 2 topics about...
  8. A

    My first sig!!

    well... this is the first "sig" i have made in my hoel life. And the first time i use photoshop. and i hop eyou like it :fight: :talk: //zion ^^ any good? O_O
  9. Z

    How Do I Make A MAP?????

    okay i would like to know how i can make a map and what programs to use??? and then a torturial (i Think its called that!) weel somebody tell me!
  10. SSj Gotenks


    Dont be a noob in the Posts
  11. B

    The Hooded Wonder

    M8 i was just wondering if you could tell me how u made that animating Sig :) (GIF) :P I diont want u to make me one m8 i was want to know how u made it or what prgramme u used :talk: THX :tired: