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    Bring Back Toonami Petiton

    Yesterday it was a great April Fools day by Adult Swim. Exactly at 9EST PM they show a rerun of toonami, with new dialogue for TOM, and a ME3 review. Please make this dream come true> THIS IS HOW TO BRING TOONAMI BACK! 1) First sign this petition...
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    Toonami No More

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    Toonami Signature

  4. I

    naruto hits toonami

    this may be old news to most of you, but i "just" found out that Naruto will air on Toonami on Sept. 10th. I couldn't find any previews of teh show, or any video clips so I don't know how the translation is, but i hope its good or I'm sticking to the japanese scripts.


    i was watching tv and ther wer showing premieres to the summer line up and i lost hope after a while and boom narato o **** get ready for somthing that might b better the DBZ!!!!!!!!!! O_O
  6. Suh Dude


    Well, since I can't afford to buy animation dvd's every week, I have to watch boring Toonami. I watch the GT version... Gundam seed.... is it me, or do I NOT see alot of blood or any bad launguage on those shows? I'd watch Tri-gun, but I get too tired and stuff. So, why ISN'T there bloody gore...
  7. G

    UK Toonami theme

    Do any of you people from the uk know the song they use to advertise toonami, which is usually inbetween shows? Its the really fast heavy one with guitars and such, showing clips of some person crying from some other anime I dont know lol, but it has clips from gundam wing and tenchi and dbz...
  8. SSJ Toast

    what happened to toonami

    what happened to it, it seems to be replaced with crappy normal cartoon network shows, i dont really watch toonami, but its something to listen to while on the comp, wtf happened to it
  9. A

    Dragonball coming to toonami uk

    all pep's that are in the uk or can pick up uk satalite tv toonami are showing dragonball on 6th of october but i don't know if it's the uncut or cut version.
  10. G

    I made a sig!

    Two in fact, but this one is better than the last one. It's Bubbles, from the Powerpuff Girls. I noticed I left a bit of the background on one...but it looks like a portal thingy, so it's cool. And I actually tried for a background this time. Not just black....;/ BTW, if it gives you...
  11. S

    choice of language/ toonami dub or original!!

    i think it would be great if there was a choice in the menus before u begin play to use the original voices or the english dubs. i myself prefer the original voices... they sound WAY cool'er that the english ones. original KA ME HA ME HAA is the best! :-). anyway.. just an idea for the fans of...