1. Deanio^

    ok i was told to put this thread in here

    ok so i got a cool pic for my signature(im getting somewhere i think) so im tryin put bubbles round my pic but i 4got how too i did it before but forgot someone tell me?... im usin photoshop CS2 btw
  2. veqeta

    What's the name of this song? i luv it and it would be cool if someone told me it ;O

    it plays when goku vs pikkon and it played in the world tournament episode when goten vs trunks. please tell me the name of it :\
  3. December Man

    Some ideas, probably already told :P

    #1 I have played EVM 2.0 for some time now and I have to say that it gets boring after a while. Why? Because having higher PL after each transformation is not enough. So I thought about it and came out with this idea: every time(or almost :P) you transform to another level, you get a new attack...
  4. S

    Teleport Triggers

    Ok I want to make a Trigger on my map where when you shoot an object the player gets teleported to a secret place.:D Any ideas on how this can be done:confused: Thanks in advance.
  5. Gangster464

    When is it coming out ? And wo do u like better

    When is the new esf coming out so we can have more fun ? :devgrin: awsome :devgrin:
  6. SSJ 4 Vegito

    to smo for ssj3 goku

    what can i say awesome work you are a PRO !!!!!
  7. X

    My very first 5 drawings.. ever..

    Well one is without watching on a picture.. Guess witch one? Size: 1/4 of A4 Size: 1/3 of A4 Size 1/4 of A4 Pictures with Head and Body part: Size: 1 A4 SIze: 1/2 of A4 SORRY FOR THE LOW QUALITY... ITS WEBCAM SHOTS! Remember my first 5...
  8. -Origin

    3dsmax help

    Hey there, I got a question: I'm trying to edit a model in 3dsmax, but I can't import .mdl or .smd files. It wants a proper import module, which I can't find anywhere...... help please?
  9. E

    need a brolly !!!

    I Need a brolly but i think nobody have still released it but i am newbie and i cant speak perfect english i can speak RUSSIAN and BELGIUM so im sorry for bad english i want have a brolly with soundpack plz dont be mad i am newbie :D
  10. N

    I TOLD YOU!!!!

    I Said awhile back that the huge beta 1.2 secret was new transformations. i said this cuz mastasurf hinted it in his post...but no im just full a poo or they already showed the secret but guess whos laughing now.. LOL
  11. Vashusa

    .MD3 to .SMD

    i need help with my milkshape. i'm trying to turn a md3 file to an smd file with no success. if someone knows how can u plz tell me.
  12. Z

    New Vegeta .. WIP

    Well, I thought I'd make my own Majin Vegeta, Since I love him :) .. Here's my WIP .. I'll be Done TOmorrow :P .. The modell credits go to Turk If I remember correctly, Only the skin is mine, the skinmapps are still ESF's privat thing . lol . What u guys think so far ?
  13. MinesSkylineR34

    3dsm is hard

    SM was right :\ its 100x harder than bryce a few ques how do u render something, when i got rendering>render(F10) it had no ok button?? just a bunch of options?? how do u drag things like in this tutorial i saw? how do you move the shapes...
  14. H

    hullfile ! ! ! (°.°)

    Sry falls das in einem anderen thread schon beantwortet wurde aber ich hab den ganzen morgen schon gesucht und nichts gefunden ! Ich weiss es wurde in vielen threads beantwortet wie man die hullfile mit HLCC benutzt aber ich kann HLCC nirgends mehr finden und benutze deshalb TBCC das is fast...
  15. Messiah Daz

    Adding sky clips.

    I was told to chang ethe sky bg to go to map > map properties > enviroment map. I did that then chose the bg I wanted. I entered the name in the box: devils_advocate256_ft I compiled the map and when I tested it it said it couldnt load the sky bg :S Help please!
  16. B

    my first model and i cant under stand how to do a pic

    ok i did a model of vegeta after goku threw his small genki deme on him in dbz (sorry if someone did that already) and now i want to do a pic what do i need to do?:cry: :cry: :cry:
  17. M

    need link model please!!!

    i need so much a link model i have nice models vegetto ssj 3 and spawn or goku ussj5 for you [email protected]:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  18. Lone Wolf


    I made this thing...... my 2nd attemp to make landscape with 3dsm... 3rd thing I actually made with the program I made some after this.... but they look to *** and embarrasing to show... It was based on a tut... but i only read the first few steps.... The sky is from a render in Bryce... since...
  19. S

    i have a problem

    when i creat a game in esf it tells me that he cant load something
  20. S

    i need some advice

    does someone know a mdl program but i dont need to buy it and i dont need to use milkshape3d to get the mdl in the ''program'' dont say milkshape3d or gmax.. you would be very nice to me.. if someone dont answear i think this is my end of making models thank you!