1. ZeroNightmare

    Toggle Advanced Melee Battle

    Ok, i was sort of thinking... When youe doign adv melee, you hit each other a few times, then its done, you gotta go charge your ki, and begin it again. following me? I was thinking, how about being able to toggle if you want to keep going in an advanced melee thing, each player has max...
  2. S

    Toggle swooping

    Meh, you think there is any chance of adding a button to toggle swooping? Double tapping is all fine and good, but if there was a way to maybe hold down a button, and hit forward to make your guys swoop, I think that would make it smoother. It would be similar to hold duck and walking.
  3. S

    Entity Respawn after break

    ok, I want to make an entity with func_breakable where when you touch it it breaks and then it comes back in 2 seconds. I tried spawn on break but in the drop down menu it only says nothing. Thanks in advanced.
  4. S

    a melee OFF toggle button maybe?

    doesnt anyone else get pissed off when there playing and out'a nowhere someone pops up a kicks you? melee needs to have a toggle function or a player vote ingame function if you could please make a small patch to download for this im sure i wouldnt be the only one thankful.