1. Demi-Shadow

    In need of a guide.

    Ok, seeing as I got milkshape running and so far i've made a big box.. i think i need a guide to ESF modelling (i'm 30pages through the 140pg one for general modelling). I need a guide that is ESF specific, with like tips on how to make the different parts right etc. anyone know of one?
  2. K

    my gohan model

    i made a gohan model with the picollo cape, i cant post any pics, got nowhere to host. umm i really suck at skinning, can anyone give me sum tips on unwrapping and making the skin look real? thx
  3. jeff_d5

    BOTS (problems, tips, bugs)

    ok firstly sticky this secondly i thought everyone should discuse the bots in here since i need info on it as well and i was surprised there was no bots as a sticky anywho (my little jokes are in brakets) i noticed the bots move while transforming (nifty) they like to stay on the ground...
  4. C

    Mellee Tips [Plz help]

    Hi It would be great if you could share your mellee strategies. I'm a new player to this game I just got it yesterday and 90 %of my kills are melee 10% beams. Also my score always is like 2 10 i know it sucks but i'm new can you post some strats plz thx.
  5. P

    melee tips and tricks

    can you guys post some tips/tricks/strtegies for melee combat... ...i can't get the hang of it at all... the people keep getting out of the way...or my swoop isn't long enought...and most of the time it's short.... how come sometimes there is a long swoop and a short one...always the...
  6. E

    goku takes ssj tips from vegeta >_<
  7. Hash

    Backround Help

    I'm currently making a new sig with Raziel, from Soul Reaver. And I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips, or idea's for what I could do for a backround. I'm asking because I wanna try and make this look real good, (well in my eyes anyways) and I can never produce a good backround...
  8. D

    w00t! Dudley Boyz Sig! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!

    Its not GREAT....but its GOOD! :D Plz give me feedback on wut u think.....and if ur a sig maker..plz give me tips on how to make it look better :D
  9. D

    How do u make the tips glow on a pic?

    how did USSJ_Vegeta do this? plz tell me. it would help me a lot!
  10. NightShade

    alpha tips before it dies all the way

    Before you read this want to know YES I HAVE BAD GRAMMER. well everytime now with alpha i join a sever with someone hosting with the super script it forces me to download. ya i played alpha some being bored effects you after a while. i found some nice people even made some new friends. but...
  11. R


    Okay guys, I'm new to making skins, but I have played around with milkshape for a little while. Is this a good program to use, or is there another prog that will do better? Also, if in tips/tutorials could be sent, that would be awesome. Thanks <img...
  12. Akhkaru

    LightWave 3D Modeling help

    I searched all over, but I cannot find a tutorial that tells how to make character models for half life or stuff, Gmax is confusing, but I wanna use Lightwave 3D, andyone know where I could find some tutorials?
  13. Ten

    Yay for me!

    I learnt how to do the fadey thingy! So this is my 4th sig I made Joy! <img src=""> <a href="">Larger Version</a> Anyone have tips for next ones I make? Flames etc?