1. B

    Banned me or gave me a Answere and sorry for the many threads

    Banned me or gave me a Answere and sorry for the many threads A good Answere . Not : we wouldnt have a fusion in ESF . Its a bad answere
  2. V

    A good site to put your models on. Come on people its in the ESF sites links. They have quite a few good models on their site just go there and post your work they'll do it very nicely and easily. I don't know why people won't just put their work there. It's easy to access and search for on a search...
  3. B

    Map pack dissapear?

    Once on, I downloaded a ESF Map pack. But now, I want to download it again, but I can't find it anymore! Can somebody teel me where I can find it?
  4. S

    plzzz help me i need a new sound file for esf!

    can any one send me the sound file for esf because my cuz downloaded a bebi vagita and it came with a sound file which hereplaced the old one with and now vagita talks in japanise can any one help me out?? thx
  5. Logan4434

    17 WIP for all those who want one

    here is my 17 WIP.ill probably be done tonight or will replace Trunks so get those trunks slots empty!:p YES IT IS FOR ESF so dont ask. heres that pic: due to the annoyance called the proffesional:p ill give you credits: head:dakd(im guessing n edit of the original trunks)...
  6. Z

    piccolo % krillin

    are there any krillin or piccolo models out there?
  7. S

    Hi All!

    Hi all.. hey am new here and i was looking at the modles that people have made/making and it has inspied me to make some anyway.. were can i get milk shape from??? plz can any 1 help me O_O
  8. D

    show off ur bst work

    com here and show off ur greatest sigs or come in and have a chat
  9. S


    I just wanna say I want this map soo bad!!!!! MAX get it dont quick please non the less goo quality and plz great r_speeds and textures and secerts :)
  10. T

    Rank My Sig!

    Hello all, Im new to making sigs and this is maybe my 3rd or 4th sig ive created. So please rank my sig from 1-lowest and 10-highest, also please tell me what i might have done wrong etc. Thanks.
  11. |Da|K|

    I Did Something New

    Hey every one i tryed some new stuff out.. is this differnt ?FEEDBACK PLEASE....
  12. Es_Trunks2

    Bebi pack update thread

    alright heres what i got done so far,i've reskinned vegeta and deleted his hair and now i need to make new hair but i'm gobnna wait for this because i'mm on vacation and i dont wanna work i'll post mroe mdoel updates onnthis threqad and wont make anymroe threads :fight:
  13. S

    can some1 help me with the sounds

    i want to hear the teen gohan sounds not the mystic gohan sounds how can i make it that where i can only hear the teen gohan sounds instead of the mystic gohan sounds:cry: ;(
  14. |Da|K|

    More new sigs...

    Ok guyz i just made some new sigs...... tell me wat u think..... without border.... with... Thx for the idea Ryoko ;)
  15. MaX

    how do i compile my models?

    how do i compile models in milkshape..?? i wonna make some weapon models for counter strike orsomthing :/.. thx..
  16. A

    i need ure help guys

    hey guys , i decided i wanna try my luck in modelling/skinning/reskinning so i wanted to ask u l33t modellers/skinners, gimme some good tutorials , i have read the stickey , and that tutorial for ms3d didnt help , so im just asking , be kind , gimme some tutorials , something basic...
  17. M

    Need Good Ssj Trunks Model!!

    :cry: Can anyone make a good model of ssj trunks for me? I think the long hair is kinda..... off :p And can Goku go ssj4 in DBZ? I'm such a DBZ n00b.
  18. Eon

    One of many...Another Request....

    I have had an idea for a model and thought about it to fit the person to replace. well this might sound conceded but i would really want a Magus model lol! he could easily replace trunks. For those CT veterans out there you should know that when Magus casts a spell he moves his arms real fast...