1. Aurum

    Light Or Dark Theme?

    Hey I have been wondering if you guys preffer the dark or the light theme of the forums. This is just for fun. So? ^_^
  2. B

    Vegeta SSJ3 Theme

    Hey guys, just found this custom made SSJ3 theme for vegeta and it sounds EPIC, think you should hear it. (Epicness starts at 0:50)
  3. Naturphoenix

    Cool chrome vegeta theme

    Cool Google-Chrome Vegeta theme!
  4. KarrdeKNR

    Adam Savage Dancing in a Faraday Cage to the Doctor Who theme...

    ...played on Tesla Coils.
  5. Sicron

    ESF theme song

    So, after nearly 10 years of development time, I think it's time we have our very own ESF theme song. My proposal is adjusting these lyrics, and then start bugging the ESF team to make them actually sing this song: So, who's got some good inspiration for a ESF song. Other lyrics can of...
  6. S

    Theme song

    I wanted to ask, where can I find DBZ theme songs? Like the one used on the ESF menu, that one is epic, I tried to google it, but the first one had broken links, the other were Burst Limit songs.
  7. Deman

    Book of Eli

    So, how many of you went to see it? I know the biblical theme may turn some of you off to it, but I found it a particularly awesome movie. Denzel's performance may have been a bit stiff, but I still loved it.
  8. Cold Steel

    Remove the christmas theme.

    No really, remove it.
  9. Mous4u

    What Theme do you use?

    hey everyone just droping by and saying what theme do you guys use i use Dark Theme. what do you guys use also if you dont know what a theme is then dont worry well now you know what a theme is it is something that changes the background and stuff what do you guys use as a theme.
  10. Nemix

    Adding a Theme to Windows XP???

    i usualy can do this... but i have some dificulties now xD i cant use any other theme than default and xp i tried to add a leopard theme and this is what i get ive got xp sp3 professional do i need to update something?
  11. E

    Theme music for characters

    Hi theme music for example Pikkon when you pick this character theme music plays when you spawn or we can use our mp3 players instead which is already in game just an idea. here a link just paste it with out these "<-- "" Pikkon...
  12. Skyrider

    Forum Theme Competition

    Hello Boys and Girls, (if any?) It is time for another competition! This time, you will be creating a theme for the forum. Everyone has their own taste in specific themes, so, we're giving you the opportunity to either do this project alone, or with a partner to create your own forum theme. But...
  13. Skyrider

    halloween Theme & Chat Box Update.

    As you all can already see, a new Halloween Style has been added! This style will Temporally be set as the main default style on this forum for the next 2 weeks. After that, the new ESF Forum theme will be set back as default and this theme will be set as optional so you all can still choose...
  14. Dokutayuu

    Anime theme Songs

    Hey all, a while back someone asked me if I recorded any of the anime theme songs I could play. Bad news, not really but I have recorded the main guitar parts for each of them on my phone. Sorry, I don't have the money for recording equipment :(. I've done Melissa, Ready Steady Go, Rock the...
  15. Skyrider

    Forum Black Theme!

    For those who don't know yet, as of recently. The forums has a new Black Theme! With many thanks for KYnetiK for helping with the ESF Banner and the navbar buttons! Wish to use the Black Theme? Click here to change to the Black Forum Skin! As always, opinions & comments are welcome.
  16. KYnetiK

    Dark Theme Banner Suggestions

    I quickly made a banner for the dark forum skin, based off the banner. Not fussed whether it gets used or not, but thought it would come in handy. If it is wanted i can clean it up a little, resize as necessary. This thread also gives the opportunity to voice other banner ideas...
  17. LionHeart

    Need a song in english with it's theme about europe

    Any suggestions?
  18. wheres_

    GTK+ theme's...?

    I just formatted and I seem to have a little something in my Add/Remove Programs list. I've only installed firefox, pidgin + aspell english, omega video drivers + multires + ati tray tools, realtek audio drivers and wireless drivers. What installs this "GTK+ Runtime 2.12.1 rev b" rubbish?
  19. Dokutayuu

    Learning Anime Theme Songs

    Hey all, I'm pretty handy with a guitar and feel like learning a few Anime themes. Problem is I don't know many good themes for guitar, most of the anime I've seen has a piano based theme or one which I don't like, so a hand would be nice. I've currently learned Melissa (FMA), Ready Steady Go...
  20. final shine

    theme song

    well, since the music makes fighting more intence, i thaught of something that could actualy be cool, the basic ideea is if u are active the intence part of the char's theme song plays, when he slows donw or goes idle, the song changes from intence to the slower part of the song