1. RavenTrunks

    The Old Republic Thanksgiving weekend.

    So since everyone that signed up to test before the 14th of this month is getting in the Thanksgiving weekend test 25th-27th. I was in the 11-11-11 test and Since the character isnt wiping im going to play on the pvp server that starts with a T(I cannot remember the name of it at all >< My...
  2. Spunky

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Eat lots of food, and have fun guys. :)
  3. M

    Happy Thanksgiving Canadians

    Happy thanksgiving to all the Canadians on esforces.
  4. ~*Logan*~

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Just don't eat yourselves to death. Remember, just because it's Thanksgiving doesn't mean you need to be overeating. d-(o.O)-b So, what is everyone doing this fine holiday?
  5. frsrblch

    Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

    If you're all not full of turkey yet, you ought to be soon. Two plates of food, and four pieces of pie later, I feel like I could sleep all day.
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