1. sub

    Rep Joe Barton (Republican from Texas) thinks he stumped a Nobel Laureate with this

    http://www.talkingpointsmemo.com/archives/2009/04/what_thinking_folks_are_up_against.php and http://twitterroom.thehill.com/2009/04/22/barton-thinks-he-stumped-energy-sec/ These people are running our government. And we wonder why we're so ****ed
  2. Pain

    Texas wants to secede

    Is this awesome? y/n Discuss.
  3. TeKNiK

    #1 USC vs #2 Texas

    Who do you think will win? Personally, I think that it will be a close game, but I think that USC will edge out Texas.
  4. OubliezJe

    Texas Nuke today?

    Unconfirmed resorces, but i have seen rumors and postings of people saying a nuclear bomb is suppose to explode in Houston, TX the 27th of December. Can anyone confirm these reports? and do you think it will happen?
  5. owa

    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Leathaface is coming for YOU

    Best horror film ever, hands down. Gruesome, violent, sadistic, and welljust all aroudn family fun. Any of you ugys see it, what'd you think? and is the cvideo at the end a real video?
  6. S

    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    Anyone seen the previews on this? It looks pretty scary actually :o... I've heard there was an older version of this? Anyone gonna see it, I will!
  7. Rebirah

    Stormin Bad in texas!

    Its stormin bad there in Cleburne Texas.If there is anyone else in texas, I hope a tornado doesnt hit you! k im gonna get off comp now !!
  8. S


    do any of you live in texas? if so, where in texas? this is just a simple question, i dont need noobs replying say "this is stupid spam!" thanks :D
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