1. Deverz

    Sig Rules. Read First

    Signatures and avatars must not include any adult or inappropriate content, must contain a combination of images no larger than 600 x 200 pixels, and must not exceed a total file size of 12500 kilobytes (1,25MB). Posting With testing preferably look at an old post if you have one Request...
  2. B

    testing sig

    1 2 3
  3. S

    Testing, pay no attention

    Testing my sig.
  4. D

    hi there need a tester for your maps

    hi i vant to be a tester of your maps so plz upload them in this treat then i send you a private message if it is good plz. send a lot of maps:paper: :angel:
  5. S

    testing sig

    testing testing 1 2 3
  6. D

    testing my sig

    hmm hope it works:]
  7. L

    Fix 'Falling out of the map'

    to fix that crap where you see all the players but no ground/textures or anything else, try adding a big layer of 'clip' texture around the outsides of your map... it might be 'noclip' theres only one so just filter for clip
  8. DragonDude

    testing my crappy little sig

    Just testing to see if my crappy sig works, I would GREATLY appreciate it if someone would be so kind as to make me one :D
  9. S

    testing sig 8-S

  10. T


  11. O

    Stress Testing

    Hey mods and beta testers :) beta looks geat cant wait to try it! but just wanted to say good luck with the testing and its not that I dont have faith or anything but if anyone can name a mod that *hasnt* had to release a patch within 2-3 days cuz of errors well.. you get my point :p You guys...
  12. R

    testing my sig

    testing testing testing
  13. Z


  14. Styles

    The new Fgd

    I was just wondering if u guys could give us the fgd file so we can map as well because most mods i know of release the fgd much earlier than the mod.
  15. S

    Dont read - testing Sig

    told you not to read it, but thanks Dudeman for the new sig.
  16. M

    HarSens is testing the Beta!

    Only for Information.. On my daily playing with esf alpha 2.0, i updated the server list and what do i see??? a server called harsens. without waiting i wanted to join and speak and play with harsens. but what did i saw? his files of esf are not the same as mine. so if i would join...
  17. E

    Just testing a sig, no text.

    I told you no text.
  18. L

    Testing Sig

    I'm testing my new sig, its small i know but i like the way it looks. On a different note i don't want to spam so i'll ask a question. what do you guys think about chicks? Are they really worth The Time and Effort?
  19. S

    Testing Forum!

    This board needs a testing forum, sig testing, sig requests, and evything shoudl go in it.
  20. L

    New Sig(Testing)

    Just Testing My Maybe new sig. Tell me what you think. I know its very different from what your used to from me but i'm just learning photoshop 7 and its totally different from adobe 6 and it takes alot of time to get used to it