1. Growler

    Teh Tennis Ball Map

    I have a good multiplayer idea... make a map that has like a tennis ball shooter on one side of the map, but only it shoots spirit bombs, deathballs, and vanishing balls, and they gradually get stronger as your team successfully fights off each one (if not successful, then you all DIE! >:D)...
  2. E

    beam catching, and tennis

    on occasion if i see someone fire a beam a ways away from me, aimed at someone elese i would fly full speed(swoop) in front of the beam, block it, and return it to sender, or some other unsuspecting bystander, anyone elese do this? also if the conditions are right you could get a mad game of...
  3. Soulicro

    PS Tennis

    Okay, so me and my friend started a PS Tennis match. For all of you who dont know what PS tennis is, its pretty much like Tennis, except with photoshop; one person makes an image, gives it to another. The other person alters it, sends it back. This goes on and on for, usually 9 or 10 volleys...
  4. G

    Beam Tennis. LOL

    Well me and a friend played on lan and he shoot a beam after me i relfected it and he fly up and refleced it again we keepet doing it a couple of times... and i thod thad was pretty funny :D so i thod maybe making a little funny mode when your on a tennis stadion something... and then play...