1. SS2 Vegeto

    Dragonball Tier Top Ten (manga, canon discussion only)

    Top ten strongest, that appear in the manga basically. I like to sort of...gauge where everyone stands on things like this, because I like to debate. And am new to this forum. Anyway, backed by the manga, I'd have to say without much of a doubt: 1. MSSJ Vegetto 2. Gohan Buu 3. Vegetto 4...
  2. C

    Ten Ten - High Poly ish

    Yay, Finally done with this and posting it. Wooh. Anyway, I used allot of poly to create this. Its kinda high poly, i really dont care about the poly count or whatever just kinda for practise really... I could have used much less poly about everywhere but I chose not to. Please dont crit...
  3. H

    Ten Ten

    Hi everyone, a few people told me I should post my stuff here for crits, so here goes. It's a Ten Ten model for http://www.narutomod.com in-case anyone's wondering. Polycount is pretty high around 5000 (mostly cause of the stupid sphere hair buns >_>). Model and skin both done by me...
  4. Z

    hentai goku

    this link contains erotic conten if u are not 16 ore olderask your parents for promision to enter so not do not i repeat do not click it www.nohentaiallowedontheseforums.org
  5. S

    BOUT THAT CLOSED fusion skin thiny

    hey i like that fuison thing and that double kamehameha i wanna no where we can DL it
  6. S

    saiyan 4 on esf?

    my freind tells me he has got supersaiyan 4 goku but no tail is this true if so wer can i get him?
  7. Escobar

    Under Siege

    Well i havent showed you guys much lately cuz umm im not sure y but heres a little something i went n finished while i waited for dakilla to do the brushing, but i was a bit bored, but the collab shud be much better than this vesion anyways tell me what you think...
  8. darklord_avalon

    its the return of VIDEL!!!

    sooooo here is an update http://darklord_avalon.tripod.com//sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/videl2.jpg (BTW its tripod again) (and its a little bit big) :devgrin:
  9. S

    "The Death of Hamtaro" the life of a hamster

    another picture from my friend http://chaoticsniper.tripod.com//sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/hamtarodies.jpg
  10. S

    Majin Goku a picture

    another picture from my friend
  11. S

    ok dokie final updates before sephiroth is released^_^

    ok we still need crits before we release it but here is wot i have done scince last night: as u can see i have put a better skin on the pants and arms and also i have recoulerd some parts of the eyes to make them stand out more. also u can see the arms are more like sephy's now ^_^ form...
  12. M

    Psyco Buu

    an edit of my kid buu
  13. TehMuffinMan

    >>>>>CLOUD STRIFE MODEL<<<<<

    latly, ive seen 2 sephiroph models and even a barrett model.. and who are we missing? cloud strife.. thats who.. heres a pic of our work: good is it not? ive been working on this for a decent amount of time now... ive also done a sprite and sounds to, but now onto the technical stuff...
  14. sexyasian86


    well here ya go ppl. credits to azn [dont know where to contact him sorry ughh] uhm and yea that's about it. ^_^ basically took me forever to reskin it. and added on his lil mystic kai suit thingie i'll be adding a Z Sword later wh00t wh00t also need to add the Red Belt. i'm still working...
  15. |Da|K|

    time machine

    hey guyz i was jus wonderin watcha think of dis poster..? i try to add some depth an tryed to make the beams an **** match da 3d...so any better then Feel The Light?
  16. S

    Creating a kamehameha

    I'm not much of an artist, but I came upon a pre-kamehameha Vegetto picture, and I just though "This picture looks so naked," so I decided to create the energy in his hands using Corel Photo-Paint Version 8. Custom 1. I made this one first. I made a yellow lens flare, but it was too...
  17. squanman

    Wallpaper+sig, one of first

    Ahoi there, made meself a wall+sig ... It's one of the first I made and I'm still learning photoshop, so be easy on the crits, mkay ... :fight: O yeah, the pic of Tien is not the best quality, but I couldn't find any better ones of him flying like this ... The sig is the one I use...
  18. Z


    hy im starting a project turtle models for esf cous in every game there are models of tmnt but no 1s for esf rapf = gohan mike = krillin leonardo = trunks( the swords) don = vegeta splinter = goku shreder = frieza cassy= cell the foot= piccalo slash = buu so who wants to help...
  19. Lone Wolf


    I made this thing...... my 2nd attemp to make landscape with 3dsm... 3rd thing I actually made with the program I made some after this.... but they look to *** and embarrasing to show... It was based on a tut... but i only read the first few steps.... The sky is from a render in Bryce... since...
  20. Hawki_ice

    Miari Gohan

    OK im redoing miari Gohan (cheeseman EDIT, AZN model) for 1.1 I made a sound pack using the movie! Pic http://hawki.fcpages.com/gohan/Miraigohan.htm Go 2 link 2 view! But as i was doing the animations for him i stuffed up a bit! I used goku for the animations like i should but i...