1. Disguise

    Charged Turbo + Short Teleports

    The idea behind a Charged Turbo is that the player intends on fighting aggressively. Swoop speeds are increased, so it's much easier to close distances with swoop. I suggest that using Turbo or a Charged Turbo at least changes Long Teleports into Short Teleports. If you gain extra swoop speed...
  2. dan_esf_fanatic

    After image or white static teleports?

    A lot of people in my other thread mentioned that they would like to have the 1.1-like teleports in 1.2 and 1.3. So I was wondering if the team could take this into consideration, so I made a poll. After image teleports vs. white static teleports. So, vote.
  3. dan_esf_fanatic

    1.1-like teleports.

    I heard somewhere on this forum a few months ago that it's possible to make the teleports look like in ESF 1.1 and earlier. Well, I'm interested. I never did like these after image teleports of 1.2 and probably 1.3 as well. So I was wondering HOW to make the teleports look like in 1.1. Is it...
  4. D

    teleports cost less

    ive never really understood why teleporting takes so much ki, especially since theyre not actually teleporting just moving extremely fast to make it simple heres a diagram heres your ki bar _________|__________________________ teleports cost this much on your ki bar (look at line)...
  5. Hellhound

    Long and short distance teleports

    Well I'm not sure if this had been mention before but I had a very simple idea that is not very hard to code.(I think O_o ) My idea is that when you press the teleport button you do a short teleport and same ki drain. But if you hold the key in your ki will slowly drain and the longer you hold...
  6. S

    Long Teleports

    How bout the short teleports we have now but also being able to teleport across the map.
  7. S

    Best way to use melee and teleports?

    How to use melee is the best way? some guys are that fu good that nothing can sztop them @ melee want to be that good too ^^
  8. Skyrider

    hello guys got some questions.

    i want to make a test map. lets see how good i am whit making maps. :\ now my Q is. how do i make teleports? and how do i add different sky? i know how to add sky. but but not how i change the sky sky :P. and where can i see what sky i want to add? .. a site whit the sky picture