1. D


    When you try to telekinate something big like the balls on janemba instead of falling they just dissapear, and any object you apply telekinesis on dissapears if you dont finish it
  2. O

    Telekinesis bug.

    Follow these steps:Select telekinesis as your weapon. Point your crosshair at an object you can pick up. Press and hold the primary fire button, but quickly press and hold the secondary fire button as well.As a result, the object will keep rising until you let go of the secondary fire button...
  3. -Blaze-

    I found a cool site about TELEKINESIS energy.

    Well im trying to find out more about good and negative energy. I found a site that says, that Telekinesis is true and is able to control by very few people in the world. Geez, dunno why, but im interested: It says that every person...
  4. N


    Other characters should have telekinesis too. Like Vegeta could have it in his majin form and Trunks could start with it.
  5. N

    Telekinesis Bug

    I was playing in a server at the map esf_city and someone was frieza. Frieza used the telekinesis and all 5 players in the server got hit with what we thought was lag, so we blew it off... and now checking my esf folder i found hundreds of screenies from the time when the telekinesis lag was...
  6. T

    Fix for unlisted Frieza Atack (Telekinesis)

    You could fix that by Beta 1.2 Patch1, because you just have to edit the text file (Friezas char descritpion).