1. M

    Why Don't Teachers Teach Like This?

    Source: http://potw.news.yahoo.com/s/potw/63302/high-wire-act There's a video in the link I have for the source.
  2. J

    hello guys,i am new here can teach me combo ?

    how do i do a special during prepunch i saw the bot sometime can do special hit on me >.<x can give me a example ? ty :)
  3. M

    Can anyone teach me how to use old school melee?

    I know how to get off one hit but i see people hitting me twice and sometimes even 3 times in a row with oldschool melee
  4. G

    I now the basics now teach me some middle class stuff

    teach me intermediate stuff i know the basics
  5. R

    Teach me plss

    wad do i need to play esf? do i have to get version 1.0 then 1.1 then 1.2? if it is.. gimme a link to free download 1.0 1st plss and thanks for all of your kindless
  6. Kyo

    Can Any One Teach Me

    I suck at Making Sigs So Can Any One Like Teach Me How TO MAke Good ones Lol please
  7. B

    Teach me Basic melee swooping

    ive been playing esf for about 5 days now but ive encountered a problem with basic melee swooping. What is it that determines who will land the hit first during swooping?
  8. Ryoko

    Fire! I teach you to burn!

    1 2 3 I made a fire sig! Which one do you like best and why?
  9. Blademaster

    Help me plz i beg of you

    can somone plzz o plz teach me how to edit a model i would be so happy very if you could that would be so great for me :]
  10. Optional


    This map is for Gohan's Hidden Power (GHP), but this map will be released for ESF as "Z_Sahara" once GHP is released. This is final except for the palm trees, they are temporary till we get some good ones. The trees belond to ESF. Any crits you might say will be disregarded...
  11. R

    Look ing For A Clan And Or Someone To Teach Me

    I Have Been Playing Esf since About 3 Or More Months Beofore 1.1 Was Introduced. And Yet I Had A Few Months Break And I Just Came Back On And Im Looking For A Person Or Clan To Help Me Or Would Like Me To Join. So Plz If You Would Like A Person In Ur Clan Or A Person To Train And Help Out...
  12. V


    You know when you're skinning an esf model do you use current tool that you downloaded are do you use paint shop pros tools? :shocked:
  13. M

    how do I make new avatars?

    If ne1 can teach me or tell me how to get new ones that'd be 5w337!!!11!!
  14. HellBringer.

    can someon tell/teach me how u poly by poly in G MAX

    what hte name says
  15. T

    Teach me to hack

    hey people im trying to become a hacker but i dont know were to start and i dont even have programs so can some one plz help me? ( im trying to hack: computers,personal information like city name street ect.. plz help me )
  16. L

    How To Model

    Hi all, im a noob to modelling, so if you know your a master modeller and have the trime to teach me plz add me to msn at [email protected], or my AOL AIM, Denethor361. I really need help:cry: because everytimne i try to model something its turns out crap and rubbish, i can skin thats easy...
  17. S

    Making Models/Skins

    I'm new to ESF and these forums. I've been interested in game design and character creation for a while now and I was wondering if anyone could post a site where it will teach you how to make skins and such for this and other games. Also, which programs I would need. Thanks a bunch!
  18. P


    ok! on the right hand side i already said that im a noobz. I can only colour the skin not change it or draw a new one if theres something wrong, i can't change it cause it is.... Try Downloading Brollmans Bojack Trunks and HL Model Viewer and try repair it can you? If you can teach me...
  19. D


    ik want training if you are GOOD and want to teach me some tricks and tips please contac me @ [email protected]
  20. D

    Where can i get milkshape?

    Does anyone know where i can get milkshape or like a demo of it? thanx.