1. Critical_Error

    taunts in the game?

    Much like TF2 (hitting z, x or c gives you access to 1-8 numbers of taunts) I think this would be an awesome idea. Idea came from this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kH3UQsiQa4o&feature=g-vrec I just think it would be so0o0o cool if you're standing there facing someone and you can time...
  2. Slofreak

    taunts !?

    how about more taunts: when u hit some one u get almost every time different taunt like - YOUR GOING DOWN!, THIS IS GONNA HURT!, DONT BLINK.....................! Each character got different taunts, and for the ones who gets hit get normaly pain sound but not each time u could put in like -...
  3. M

    Dragon Ball Z - Frieza's Best Taunts

    This video isn't really anything special or amazing, just something I decided to do while contemplating an awesome idea for an ESF map (which oddly enough has nothing to do with the video at all). *Look further down for link* I apologize for the audio, I just couldn't get it right when I...
  4. TourPallanen


    I think taunts should be in the game i know you guys are not like EVM but taunts make it much alot more fun than just fighting and all
  5. Raven

    Plugin: Taunts

    >> Plugin : Taunts - Download >> Taunts: This plugin provides the default ESF with Taunts. 2 Taunts for each character by default - expandable. >> Useage: Use the command "taunt" >> Config You can add taunts and configure them, by editing...
  6. imkongkong


    im guessing taunts in 1.3? =) sounds great...
  7. True-Warrior15

    ESF Taunts

    I wanna know how do you bind the taunts so they can play at a certain time automatically? I heard this one dudes taunt it comes on everytime he does melee or a combo.
  8. Vuk


    I dont know if this idea was mentioned before,but it would be cool if you add taunts to characters in 1.3. Like one or two taunts wouldnt be a problem . would it? Sorry if i spelled something wrong
  9. Z


    In true fighting game fashion we need some arbitrary hilarious taunts :D Just my 2c... (can imagine Krillin patting his backside to Frieza in esf)
  10. Yazuken


    I think it would be cool if there was taunts in the game. I would like to taunt an opponent when i have the upper hand =P
  11. S


    Hello again =], I've come to request (suggest) a taunt feature added to Earths Special Forces. The taunts wouldn't have to be long and they wouldn't be that hard to find. The only thing that I ask from critics is to help suggest taunts for characters. I've come up with a few. -Cell : >"Show...
  12. M


    Would be a great stuff to add taunts and not just simple taunts but special taunts like when in power struggle betwen goku and piccolo when one of them is gaining ground the other will say like : you'll never win!!!!!!! befor he power up his beam...... Thx in advance....
  13. S

    Hidding Powers & Taunts

    have these been suggested? like an Auto Taunt like in UT2003/URT, and hide your powers by pressing "H" then when every you attack it turns off, like turbo, it turns off when you power up. It should go to like 1. or somthing,
  14. S


    i think that in the next release, it should include a taunt for each character.
  15. S


    have taunts after kill?
  16. your nightmare


    can u plz add 1 taunt 4 each charcter? with animation and sound? it would be nice to provoke your opponent. and it looks cool (not even in a ESf-movie)...
  17. D


    hi i have a funny idee: what if u guys made a button and if u press it the character would say something for example if u are vegeta he would say: Blast you kakarot or cell : if i can't destroy you ill just destroy the entire planet and if krillin says something it must be a dumb remark...