1. SailorAlea

    Targetting Idea to cut down on 2on1

    How about re-implementing targetting to be--the person you last hit with melee is targetted for 30 seconds, unless you hit another person? You obviously wouldn't need the target to swoop, however, it would let you know who you were fighting, and perhaps cut down on teaming up--because people...
  2. Epedemic_Optikz

    Gallit Gun Aura

    Well,Just incase nobody has noticed,I made an electric gallit gun aura.It is hosted on Vengaurds site also and if you guys want or need a pic here is one. Heres the download link also. Crtz Would be nice. :]
  3. S

    Lock-on, targetting feature is in!

    From the melee clip, I've noticed Vegeta target the other player and then charge straight into him. It's kinda hard to see it because of the quality, but targetting is in! Now... just a few questions :D 1 Is targetting required for you to charge and then throw in combos against another player...