1. Uisu

    SVN isn't so bad?

    Hi, why esf devs don't want to make esf-final SVN build available for public/community? I think community can offer server for uploads. Pros: *Devs self don't know when game will be finished; *SVN shouldn't slow development process, maybe slightly; *More people will be intrested in...
  2. Sting

    SVN Server

    I try to set up an SVN server. So far all goes well but still run into some problems. What did I do step by step. First installed it and created a name, password and a project repository. Then try to login on the server by my own computer (the server is on a secondary computer in my house)...
  3. I

    Development SVN

    Now im thinking of a thing like using Tortoise SVN the thing is it would be like zeq2 lite revisions.Like we would download with Tortoise SVN and uprade to the latest revision i mean the graphics like in the videos and even the perfect melee so everyone would be happy and you would go on with...
  4. T

    SVN perhaps?

    Ya, so I was just thinking that maybe ESF1.3 could use an SVN (wiki)? This would help on updating versions and such, tho I'm not sure how much stress it would cause on the dev team. It would also make the downloaders job "easier". Anyways think about it..