1. S

    invalid solid structure error

    how can i fix invalid solid structure error ? (without deleting it)
  2. Tassadar

    File Structure Setup (.spr)

    heres an idea: Make it so each model or charecter would have his own individual sprites for transforming, charging or powerup. That way maybe you could have Goku's Kaioken (red aura) while having it so Vegeta's aura is still purplish/clear. I'm aware its like this for Cell and Buu, maybe think...
  3. Epedemic_Optikz

    For Everyone Who Wants An SSJ3 Goku.

    Well I See Alot of people begging for an ssj3 goku. Well its not mine but since alot of people want one here ya go.:] If u want a Screen Shot,Go here Copy and Paste if links don't work.:]
  4. SSj Gotenks

    fight structure

    in the beta release, when you get hit by a ki attack will your player like have any animation, that shows it being hit ( etc like moving back a little bit, bending forwor5d a little bit) Because in the alpha it seemed that Every player is a stiff board when they get hit