1. KidMan

    Tenkaichi steal

    I think it would make ther game alot more enjoyable if you could add a feature similar to that of Tenkaichi's head-on battle. This is were two people dash at each other and when they meet, they exchange loads of punches and kicks.
  2. C

    Double Beam / Beam Steal

    I would find it fun if the team added a new attack to each character, the attack could be double beam, when you power up a generic beam in each hand at the expense of ki for both beam's. I would also like the ability of beam steal, if someone fire's a beam at you, you can either reflect it or...
  3. C

    i found ssj4trunks model u can find it @ the bottom of models/skins
  4. Wangster

    ESFarena released.

    well, i made my first map, its big, so coulnd get desent screenshots. but anywhays, i have 2 screens made, but they r ugly, here they are. well, if youre intersted, here is the map, it contains...
  5. A

    Get 6 dbs, only to have somone steal wish with last db

    I am suggesting that you can hold more than 1 db, when u get 7 u press use and can make a wish without dropping them, without all that, if you get killed, touch luck you drop them
  6. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Download Final GT Goku

    Well , to all that want a new GT goku , heres the final version!!! :laff: :laff: :laff: :laff: :laff: Credit to: Sin (Sin Goku) + my personal thanx - for assigning the bones and a few edits (thanx again!!!) Azn Dragon - Gohan s body Real modeler of goku - - Goku s head...
  7. D

    Wut the heck is a normal

    hey when i go to complie my qc in milkshape it says i have to many normals what the heck are they and how do i correct this problem. thanx for the help peeps
  8. A

    My SSJ4 Goku in the works

    here are a few shots of the ssj4 goku im making input please :devgrin:
  9. PiXel

    please help photoshop i needd that

    hi i need photoshop cann u give me a download please:)
  10. M

    Map Editing

    Is there any way to edit a already exsiting map or a program to edit exsiting maps if so please reply
  11. Majin Sephiroth

    look at my sweet avatar :)

    i gots a dude to combine two gif files together :) it looks sweet aye........steal it and I KILL YOU :)
  12. G

    LOL its so funny, I did the exsact same thing PROMISE I DID NOT STEAL!!

    Majin Vegeta Skin 2... I didn't copy LOL! i did the exsact samething, I promise I didn't steal'em and plus I think that mine suck compaired to Mr. Smo; but my friends wanted me to post them. *note i did not model just skinned* here is my normal too.... email me if you like it!
  13. Damaera


    xSDSXZDKHSZGHSDZIUKDYKIDUY oggo bogga yrzzheiuhkjfhiuhdihihihgdxhkhxkhkfhkhiuyhttyhggjkgfb hjtrhgfht njnjgtjgf ntjhtfjjftd rdtkjhrjkhtrehshksluhklcudddhdhuhfhuzhdughsuhgkhdzkhgkzdhgkjdghdjhgjdhjhgjdgdhgjdhjhjDHEJHKXHJHHFJHBGNGDL;OIDJNGNZLGJKZJHGK,HHFGJKHDLJHG LONGLKHJKJSHGKHKJZDHKZDGHKJ DKGZZ...
  14. Z


    hmmmmm Well i cant find any good maps REALLY GOOD!! like i want some new maps ive already got about 20 maps! so anybody who can tell me where to find some new maps Really big,cool,very cool maps????? SDBZ maps RULEZ!!! check...
  15. J

    if you need a sig :)

    if you need a sig you can always contact me, i don't wanna steal all the guys that want one, so i give some credit to android 16 too. you can always contact us :) and ofcourse SPiN :)