1. dan_esf_fanatic

    Spell char names correctly!

    I'm getting pretty sick of everyone writing Vegita, Gokou, Vegito, Freeza (Freezer) Boo etc. So I wrote a list of CORRECTLY spelled char names that I think everyone should consider using. Buu Goku Gohan Krillin Frieza Piccolo Trunks Vegeta Cell Vegetto Hope this helps
  2. Cobi

    server prob (sorry cant spell)

    when i go 2 find a server for ESF and theres no servers at all that are poping up and im useing steam can some one help me?
  3. R

    A question about the ESF Commuity ... are most of you unable to spell?

    You can count this as a flame.. but i have to get it off my chest. There are tons of new forum members every day, each asking "when does 1.3" come out. And Just recently, not naming names someone wrote "When does 1.3 comes?" ... It's every single day i see a thread about this. Just asking if...
  4. V

    New Way of Kaoken (however you spell it)

    BTW, I'm a big fan of ESF. You should make any Sayen be able to do this. First you press something that makes you go kaikoen, whatever. Your powerlevel increases 2 x or whatever and your Blue bar lasts longer. However, you lose half of your life or energy and your life slowly goes down...
  5. R

    beta rezuku(or how u spell it)

    instead of charging anf firing loads into one area how about charging a bit longer firering load more and in the cartoon the ki balls go around the enemy (surrounds them) and then all go together and explode now THAT would be cool
  6. T

    goku and vegeta

    check dis out... i made it a while back but i decided ill like to show it to yall
  7. S

    big final flash

    have you a sprite big final flash to download please :laff: sorry im french my english is quite good
  8. L

    about the gotenks pack

    al little while ago someone made a gotenks pack! There was a ssj and ssj3 form in it. it should replace Krillin. But when i put the gotenks one in to the krillin folder(yes i did change the name into krillen.mdl and krillen2.mdl!)It didn;t work!i was playing and i choosed(it;s wrong speld ;D )...
  9. S

    ok dokie final updates before sephiroth is released^_^

    ok we still need crits before we release it but here is wot i have done scince last night: as u can see i have put a better skin on the pants and arms and also i have recoulerd some parts of the eyes to make them stand out more. also u can see the arms are more like sephy's now ^_^ form...
  10. H

    Plz Help!

    (forgive my bad english :rolleyes: ) K...can someone PLZ tell me how to make a model transparent in Milkshape3D? I just want to make stuff transparent, you know...to make it look like...glass or something. PLZ HELP KTHX
  11. S

    freiza for skinning

    any one want to skin my freeza? its the form four frieza. please don't be to hard on me im new at this. credits to me and bfp model nad orig frieza
  12. A


    iv searched and found nothing but there r 3 thransfomation sprites and i would like to no witch one gkou uses and witch one vegeta uses so i can give vegeta and all other saiyans lighining in there transformation so even if is a stupid comment hummar me also is there any ay to make the sbc...
  13. StriKe!

    King Vegeta (edited with paint tho:()

    Well, it should look like King vegeta:) http://www.angelfire.com/falcon/strike2/kingvegeta.mdl i edited most with paint cause im not an artist and my adobe ran out of time hehe... hope you "like" it.. (dont be to hard on me) oow yes and official model by ESF team and some animations by...
  14. D

    How you make Charters

    :notice: I want to learn to make a charter if u can help me im me on aim at :notice: at jackolanter2003
  15. M

    my first trunks drawing.

    This is my latest work, dont be so hard on me, this is my first trunks i ever drawed, comments and crits are welcome, and please tell me what points i can make better looking. Here it is! ;D
  16. Grim`

    how you spell

    how you spell Gogetta ? dont know Goggeta Gogeta gogetta dont know help plzz *edit* i got it Thx =)
  17. Optimus Prime

    How do you spell...

  18. DJ-Ready

    Now you can get my newest map... *gg*

    hehe... and again a new map from me... for the next few weeks no esf map will be come out from me but definetively will be new maps created for u... So, here r some screenies 4 u from my new map: http://mitglied.lycos.de/s2k_clan/bunker0000.JPG...
  19. J

    super sayjin(did I spell that right?)

    I have no clue how to go super sayjin! Is it aganst the rules for someone to tell me?
  20. Ecchi Pr0n

    ]V[ajin }V{ajin and any else way you spell it

    go reregister because you are all copying me i was the first forum goer that is still here to use the ]V[,}V{,|V|,or _}V{_ change your name even if you have somthing else at the end why dont you take }V{ajin out and keep whats nxt ok you guys are copying me and its gettin sad for you guys...