1. E

    Nederlandse Thread ->

    Ik heb hulp nodig bij mun Nieuwe MoD :) ik wil graag NLrs in mun Team want zo begrijpen we elkaar het best-> ADD me @ MSN !msn(in sign) (need a modelR MappR and codR and if u can help me withit Just add me .:tired: :tired: :tired:
  2. M

    Mystic Gohan improvement pack download here

    I did not change ANYTHING of the model,i just added new sounds and some new things that would really complete the model. I take no credit at all for this model,but i dont think i have to ask the creator of this model if i can release it,coz i didnt change anything of the model i just added new...
  3. R

    ur mod

    yo let m tell u like this ur mod needs held its hot in the face:yes: but when it comes to the body it got to go his legs are bigger than his body almost so u need to go back to the lab with a pen and a pad ;( sorry:no: but u can stick to makeing faces that is more ur style ight ;/ :no: yockO_O...
  4. P

    a silly picture

    Thought this was funny during my exploits to make something Mastasurf freaking liked..
  5. Damaera


    xSDSXZDKHSZGHSDZIUKDYKIDUY oggo bogga yrzzheiuhkjfhiuhdihihihgdxhkhxkhkfhkhiuyhttyhggjkgfb hjtrhgfht njnjgtjgf ntjhtfjjftd rdtkjhrjkhtrehshksluhklcudddhdhuhfhuzhdughsuhgkhdzkhgkzdhgkjdghdjhgjdhjhgjdgdhgjdhjhjDHEJHKXHJHHFJHBGNGDL;OIDJNGNZLGJKZJHGK,HHFGJKHDLJHG LONGLKHJKJSHGKHKJZDHKZDGHKJ DKGZZ...
  6. [RAW]Fusion


    my new map, its a large map that takes up all of worldcraft and ppl who map will know thats quite large. its currently for dmz as you can see and is in the early stages and is no-where near done yet when the map is finished and the new version of esf is out i will make an esf convertion
  7. B


    i no what he like. he like to make lava lake go tu the tutorial site to get some !!!!!!!!!!!!:tired:
  8. V

    Compile Problems

    I got Zoner's Tools but when I click, Start Compile, it says "Run-time error "13" Type mismatch" I downloaded the patch thing or whatever that is supposed to fix that but it still gives me the message. I am running windows XP so i thought maybe that was the problem. If anyone knows i would...
  9. Holy Crusader

    Krillin Model

    You guys working on a Krillin model? Cause I haven't seen any work done for him yet for the beta. I hope you guys don't make him like that one in the ssj script :rolleyes: its nasty
  10. L

    PaintShopPro-sig-tutorial in german?

    So, anybody knows a German site with a PaitShopPro-sig-tutorial or something? It could also be in english but with much pictures, you know? :D
  11. ?

    Hi kann mir einer dieses bild unter meinem namen machen?

    Hi alle DBZ fans!! kann mir einen dieses blid unter meinem namen und unter meiner message mchen ? ich hab davon keine ahnung !!:p
  12. N

    Picture Help...

    Does ANYONE know where I can find a SSJ3 Vegetto picture? I need to get one BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE POST SOON!o_o
  13. D

    Can here anything German ??????

    can anyone here speak german?????? Wann macht ihr endlich Gohan,Kuririn und Buu fertig ??? oder sind sie in der neuen Version schon fertig gestellt worden ???? :notice: :shocked: