1. B

    This is Alabama, we speak English. Se trata de Alabama, hablamos Ingl

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEPh_KlTyII http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQul3F1bu5o&feature=related Yes indeed.
  2. FalconFury

    May I speak

    I will be patient, every time. But My mom said she cannot buy Half life 1 & 2 because she doesn't have visa or a master card and the paypal card. She said, she trashed them away because the service attacking her bill. That was long time ago but could steam Agreed with my mom TD green card I think.
  3. veqeta

    CAN SOMEONE TELL ME THE COMMAND so i can speak on my headset?????????????????????????

    hi i'm looking for the command to let me speak into my headset, and if they can, could they put it in exactly? so i can just copy and paste it into the console? i need it soon there's an event going on soon on the server i play on.
  4. Suh Dude

    Do a barrel roll! Make Optimus Prime speak! DOOO IT! If link doesn't work go here: http://www.transformersmovie.com/ Click Make prime speak. Vote and vote for Do a barrel roll. it's winning! ;D
  5. C

    team speak server

    umm i dont know if this is the right section but does ESF have a teamspeak server if it does plz tell me
  6. M

    Is It me or does more then 70% who plays ESF speak Engrish?

    I know my english isnt perfect either but on most Servers i go on People are like:i are cant combo plz teahc me or omg yo lowlife yor a n00b for nut teaching me combo,I can rember when Esf 1.0 got released everyone spoke decent english and now most people speak engrish<.<
  7. Y

    How to make it speak English? AnyONE HELP! PLZ

    :cry: Someone please tell me how to take out the japanese language thing and make the characters speak english when they are doing something please!!!! Its getting veryyyy irritating and annoying please!!!!
  8. A

    leet speak

    I decided to translate as much as letters as possible from english to 1337. A-4 B-8 C-( D-|) E-3 F-? G-& g-9 H-|-| I-1 J-? K-|< L-1 M-|\/| N-|\| O-0 P-? Q-? R-|2 T-7 S-$ U-\_/ V-\/ W-\/\/ X->< Y-? Z-? ? is for the letter I do not know how to do :p , and would...
  9. T

    how do i get the game to speak english instead of playing jap

    ok i just installed 1.2.1 and now the game is just all in jap how do i get it back into english
  10. G

    ESF Team Speak

    i was wandering about ESF could open a Team Speak server where people could come and talk about ESF... and stuff... would be nice :)
  11. OubliezJe

    What languages can you speak?

    topic says it all.
  12. Suh Dude

    latest bryce work

    Crits are welcome
  13. E

    need a brolly !!!

    I Need a brolly but i think nobody have still released it but i am newbie and i cant speak perfect english i can speak RUSSIAN and BELGIUM so im sorry for bad english i want have a brolly with soundpack plz dont be mad i am newbie :D
  14. A

    GOhan wip

  15. afrotyze

    Mystic afro

    ay everyone meet my MYSTIC AFRO that i designed.i started off with pencil and this is my first time to colour somthing electorincaly so tell me how i can improve. crits and comments plz. crits and comments
  16. KilledWithStyle

    Onse speak...TWO SPEAK!!!!!

    Wierdest thing: Whenever someone speaks, and I put the conosel down. Teh strangeest thign happenes. IT shows not one but 2 times that person said tha same thing
  17. B

    Bojack Movie Trunks Model

    I just saw dbz movie 9 and i was wondering if there was more that one bojack trunks model around i already have one and i was wondering if there were anymore released?:]
  18. ssj999vegeta

    i need photodeluxe link

    can anyone post an adobe photodeluxe link for version 4.0 and dont jus say 2 get it on kazaa
  19. R

    help plz?????

    kan somwan edit me a ssj5goku whit sound plz
  20. Logan4434

    Mystic Gohan

    i made a version of Azn's mytic gohan that is non battle dammaged for those who wanted it.and if you havent gathered this yet,credits go to Azn for the original pic: and the model download link:p : http://hstrial-lleps.homestead.com/files/gohan.mdl