1. T

    Japanese soundpack

    Hi, i'm new to this forum so sorry if i forgot to do something. I have a question about ECX RC2 and the big pack 8.4, i want to know if a japanese sound pack (for transfo, and attack) exist for these addons. Sorry for my english, i'm french. :)
  2. Mkilbride

    ESF world is back up...I found my old Soundpack from 2005! ESF world just went back up and I decided to check and what do you know? I find a soundpack from way back in March of 2005 I made. I didn't expect to find it again. It was for EVM, but still...
  3. B

    ESF german soundpack

    hi guys i need a german soundpack for esf 1.2 i have installed the big pack 8.4 and the ECX_RC2 i hope you can help me
  4. V

    Searching for Japanese SoundPack

    Hi everyone. Well, I've played ESF long time ago and now I'm missing and I'm gonna start to play all over again. The thing is that I used to have a version (don't remenber which number) with the japanese voices of the characters, that I think that are coolest. Anyway, my friend showed me a...
  5. O

    Soundpack (not finished yet)

    Yeeeha, Greetings ^^ Here we have my unfinished Business: Sorry, but i never had time to finish the whole Pack, since i didnt play ESF for a looong time, i have decided to do not go for it and Release this small Soundpack. Sounds: - Vegeta Trans...
  6. Gogeta91

    Omega Shenron soundpack in american

    i made it an american omega shenron soundpack sure the only things ive made are this annd a jap kooler soundpack but this is pretty good so i cant upload it f***in 36.6 modem so ill send it to someone via MSN messenger and they can upload it to a site so just plse give the credits to me. my msn...
  7. magn1M

    Vegeta soundpack & NEW techno music

    I have made a new vegeta soundpack from Z and GT series tell me what you think ? :) Vegeta soundpack and here is my V2 of my techno ssj5 theme ssj5 techno music engoy :yes: i think its better then tha last one :smile:
  8. magn1M

    EVM Gogeta GT soundpack

    Not long ago i download the dbgt episode(from funimation)where SSJ4 Gogeta spoke in english the soundpack is a litle funy :laff: but thats Gogeta anyway here it it !download me :yes:
  9. I

    soundpack for Goten request for use with EEA

    Hey guys i need some transformation sounds for Goten to use in EEA and EVM. can someone make this for me?
  10. The_Forgotten

    Chibi Vegeta SoundPack!!!

    It took me a while but I'm finished!This is my first soundpack and I did it with my voice cause I searched though dozens of episodes and I couldn't find any sounds so I did it(except the trans). heres the link: Oh yahh, please don't get mad...
  11. magn1M

    Adult Gohan Z/GT soundpack

    Here it is my first version of adult gohan soundpack,what do you think ??? :laff: :no: :yes: Download
  12. M

    Anyone of you has budokai 1(!) soundpack?

    thought someone could have that game, then he could record it on computer and then giving it to ME!^^ but not all sounds.. im searchin for special ones... but later about this.. first want to know if someone has it and has the ability to record em and giving em to me..(the sounds) i...
  13. M

    Japanese Soundpack for ESF

    hello everybody here i would like to share my almost done jap soundpack for esf. well.. umm.. couldnt take some pictures but i can upload some sample sounds if yo want well.. i didnt made these sounds by myself. i harvested em from different sites and other games like ...the one for...
  14. G

    i need adult gohan soundpack

    give it to me baby!!! ;-) 10x ahead
  15. H

    Chibi Goku Soundpack

    omg i hate u all -.- read the readme before u do sumthin stupid >_> by downloading this u are agreeing that u smell and i pwn j00 ;D!
  16. Super Veggeto

    goten soundpack is on the making!

    everything is done but i cant a find good masenko and shield sounds... any ideas???
  17. Z

    Soundpack required...

    I have an awesome looking teen gohan model, but the sound pack that i got that supposedly matched it sux0rs! (lol) if sum1 could make a good pack id appreciate it
  18. D

    German Soundpack?

    I look for a German sound luggage for ESF! Does someone have that?
  19. I

    Teen Gohan Soundpack (Buu saga)

    Anyone got one or can make one? I did have one but it was... bad! :S
  20. Punio4


    Could you esf-guys please make a "official" japanese soundpack, cause the english ones sound terrible (not because of the quality, but english just doesn't fit into dbz)