1. Greenberet

    killed with solarflare

    hi, when u are in the prepunches or in a melee fight, and u change the weapon, and the nu killed the victim in prepunches or melle, u will kill him with the current weapon. example: u attack a victim with melee, then u go in a melee fight, made some combos, change weapon to solarflare, and...
  2. D

    Any new goku sounds?

    Does anyone know where i can get new sounds for goku like kamehameha, solarflare, transformation, death, and pain sounds? thanx
  3. S


    how can you use the solarflare attack at an enemy in your sight and is he blinded as long as you are???
  4. X


    damn have a bug since 1 ste or 2 nd week but cant post pic i just dont get it anyway its a pic of me killing one and it says [my name] killed [other dude] with solarflare :p :p never before or after saw that lol
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