1. sub

    HOLY ****ING **** WATER FOUND ON THE ****ING MOON!!!!1!!!!
  2. Tweek

    Buu WIP (am sorta stuck -_-)

    ..Keh iv so far managed the body but iv re done the hand like 4 times :( and they r realy Pissssin me off now ;( . Also Thanks 2 SMO 4 the Base skin edited by MEEE :) . If n e would could give us sum ideas and crits 2 wot i done then Tankz ;D The prob is when ever i make the...
  3. G

    Question about Milkshape 3D!!! HELP!

    Hi! I have a question about Milkshape 3D! If there are two boxes that touches each other, how do I connect their edges??
  4. B

    Freeza form 4 / Perfect Freeza

    i work on a Freeza form 4 look at this pics
  5. S

    ssj 3 vegeta help

    i know that vegeta doesn't go ssj 3 but im editing some models to make him. but i don't know how to weld the parts(i'm welding hair to head). i read D.C. Darkling's notes but it wouldn't work. pleaz help me. thanx :)
  6. S

    o snap spriggan sig

    man i just saw this movie and it owns so damn much i decided to make a sig about it. check it !
  7. K

    Snap back...

    why does vegeta stap back, i mean after he transforms and his arms are spread out behind him, he just snaps back to fighting possition very fast.... yall gonna make it slower so i dont looke like a computer game?
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