1. The Deco

    Will Smith on an MMORPG

    I didn't photoshop this or anything (although it does look like a photoshop work) So I returned to play this free mmorpg called Voyage Century, and they changed some things, so now you have faces of people giving you quests (imaginery) and suddenly, in 1 of my quests a pic of will smith shows...
  2. Kaination

    The Will Smith Family *big picture*

    We're photoshopping in my 4th period class, and I think I outta share what I'm making. The left head is still pretty WIP. And it sucks, I'm reduced down to using GIMP :/ Crits / comments? edit: Here's the original picture:
  3. Phobius

    Looks like a new Stargate game! Smith get ready too cream your pants!!!! Looks interesting, might go look for some more detail later about it but I like what I see so far.
  4. S

    Anna Nicole Smith dead,0,595798.story Eh, 39 is pretty young.
  5. Smith

    Anna Nicole Smith dead,0,595798.story Eh, 39 is pretty young.
  6. Nuttzy

    anyone here good with animated sigs? (smith?)

    i made me a little avatar/sig set, kinda plain ones but funny to me. i had a lil problem though, though i managed to create a gif under 100 kb for my avatar, when i went to upload it. it fell back to a static image, but i kinda like the way it looks so oh well, out of boredom though i would...
  7. Mccdbz5

    Another POTW by Pain & Smith!

    All I have to say about this one is, it's nice but....What the heck is happeneing in it?
  8. Mccdbz5

    POTW by Pain & Smith!

    Awesome picture! Best one in a while! Discuss people!
  9. J

    So anyway, mr and mrs smith... NO SPOILERS!

    anyone whos ever been in a relationship, and dare i say marriage also... Mr and Mrs. Smith... not only is it amazing as an action movie, but i, and the rest of the theater, couldnt stop laughing through the whole movie. if i say more ill end up spoiling hehe.
  10. |Overlord|

    smith i need joo , my pc is making big nosie :o

    it seems my hdd is making a big nosie sometimes when i boot up my comp. Iv'e tried tightning the screws and such but still no difference. I'm using some samsung 160gig sata drive (can't remember model name , i will look at it when i get home for model name , afterall it could be known for this...
  11. J

    smith i need you D: i killed my pc!

    i really dont know how i did it, but the cpu fan on my pc decided to make a rather loud buzz sound, and then clunked. so i shut down my pc, removed the heatsink/fan, replaced with a new one. added a small amount of gunk (i use arctic silver), and hit the power on button.... then nothing...
  12. S

    Smith's Uprise/Downfall

    This will be tieing in with Cucumba's fight against me, so depending on how well I do there will effect how Smith does in this story. ----------------------- It's been so long..., thought Smith, Since I've been able to move... I need to be free. Two armed men sit, talking to each other...
  13. S

    which was the better kevin smith film? (jay & silent bob if u dont kno)

    well the questions in the title :S my fav was clerks.... actually its my fav film
  14. M

    Neo Vs Smith final battle music

    Does anyone know what category that type of music is beacuase i'm tryin to find it and know what category to look under might help. Thanks.
  15. Synth


    I challenge you, bring it!
  16. G

    My Models 2

    <TABLE style=filter:glow(color=darkred, strength=#+1)>Ok guys if you want to see my MODELS you dont have to sign up just go to and put on User Name: Dark_Serpentine Password:landau91 please dont edit just go to the photo albums and check my models they are the 3D ones with...
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