1. Chakra-X

    Editing .Smds...

    Yeah I was just wondering how do you edit the animations of models? I open the smd in milkshape and I edit them to my liking, but when i go to the next frame, it show the defualt posistion when i go back to the frame i edited.
  2. Darkside

    importing into 3dsmax

    how do you import models into 3dsmax?
  3. Nuttzy

    help me, editing animation smds

    quick question about animating in milkshape, well, i can model and skin, i can get stuff in game by assigning new models to old skeletons, but when you decompile a mdl and you have all the animation smds, how exactly do you go about editing those to different animations, my guess...
  4. S

    how to open models in milkshape3d?

    how do u open downloaded models into milkshape?
  5. N

    Why cant i get a modlel into Gmax

    When i go into Gmax i go open go to the models but none come up and if i go all files i cant open anything it comes up with errors why?
  6. B

    model n00b

    Hey im a model n00b and im working with milkshape 3d :D and ehm how i open a esf model in milkshape so i can try some stuff on those models.
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