1. M

    Super Smash Flash

    Fans of the super smash bros game should try this out, i liked it i just wish i knew how to unlock chars lol.
  2. Mccdbz5

    The 'we don't need seven hundred' Super Smash Bros. Melee Thread.

    I was just wondering for the people who have "Super Smash Bros. Melee", who are your five best characters? List from your best character, to your worst out of your five best. My list would be: 1. Fox 2. Mario 3. Donkey Kong 4. Pikachu 5. Kirby It might be interesting to see what kind of...
  3. Deman

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl We've got some interesting new comers now. I'm surprised they put Pit in the game as I don't think Kid Icarus was that popular. Though I guess it was popular enough for a couple characters from it to be on Captain N. I <3 Zero...
  4. Phobius


    Just got this game yesterday and all I have too say is WOW. It feels just like spiderman 2 only difference is HULK SMASH Everything. I got a few complaints about it but theres more good points then there is bad points. The load times are bad but you get use too it sort of. When you buy a new...
  5. SSj Gotenks

    Fantasy Super Smash Brothers

    Ok one of my fav games on the gamecube is Super Smash Brothers Melee, and if you dont know what that is, well its a game where nintendo got a bunch of famous people from all of their other games and decided that it would be nice if they all duked it out in a crazy battle. I was thinking why...
  6. Amayirot Akago

    Smash your computer!

    A really cool Flash game a classmate of mine found earlier today. Smash your computer to bits and laugh at the carnage!
  7. Pain

    Super Smash style block

    alrighty, this wont really help with the 1.2 style melee, but it could be used for the 1.2 1.1 style melee. for those of you that have played Super Smash Bros. you are familiar with this type of block. for those of you who havent played it, if you block for too long, or too often, your block...
  8. C

    Saiyan Smash Bros.

    I just looked at dbzonps2. And i saw they are going to release a game called saiyan smash i think. Now that may just be what they called it. But it would be cool to play dbz Super Smash Bros. Style dont you think?
  9. AscendantSaiyan

    Smash the bug!!!

    i would like to smash this Overflow bug/ or hack? I have heard ppl getting the overflowed error. If there is a now cure pls tell me other wise post here the conditions and places this has happened to you. To me it happened when i was on a non-dedicated server a guy called me a "racist" for...
  10. F

    Smash bros styled ESF

    Just making this topic to see what people think about a smash bros styled ESF type game.
  11. SSJ_Bardock

    Super Smash Bros Melee

    If u guys are familiar with that game then state ur favorite chars and ur thoughts about the game. I made this for my favorite :D :D
  12. H

    A model of Master Roshi

    Hey, Could somebody make a Master Roshi model, it would be cool. He would smash the enemy with his super-stik and that kind of stuff, and atleast we would have a funny character. LOL, don't you agree? :D
  13. P

    Meteor Smash....

    my first suggestion would be removing swimming animations because you know!?!?! they fly under water so swimming makes them look a bit if a sisi:) so I was wondering if you could just remove the animations and make them just "fly"underwater andyways never seen an episode off seeing any dbz...