1. Suh Dude

    Slim's Wip thread

    Well, i want to keep all my work in one thread. If the moderators or admins allow, i will double post what i have done, please crit them. NO HARSH ONES, or i'll have this thread close. :D
  2. Suh Dude


    how do u like it all in paint exept teh picture.
  3. Suh Dude

    More Edits!!!

    Azn,Ss_vegeta,Mastasurf azn sbolt
  4. Suh Dude

    Gods World?wTF i don't know

    No bady crits i want Good Things about it
  5. H

    DBZ Model's for ESF for download?

    Where do I find custom model's for ESF mod?
  6. H

    New long hair Trunks!

    Heh it's me again :p well this is not a big edit, I was bored and remembered ESF doesn't have a trunks like this. CREDITS!! Logan - The awesome Trunks skin ESF Team - Trunks model Hentai Sama - Trunks long hair and SSJ hair, and sword belt thing..and the non-SSJ pupils :) Updates...
  7. MaX

    My 1st COMPLETED Model. dl that it got the 2 pics in it..its a half human chicken dont plan i skining it or animating it...just felt like making somthing...itf somone wants to finish it they can..and if they use it for a mod..gime credits..hope ya like...
  8. Suh Dude

    dark me

  9. Suh Dude

    Buu sage vegeta!

    just reskin it and recolor
  10. Suh Dude

    My latest Arts

    Fresh From PhotoShop Fresh From Bryce This time i don't have my name on these cuz im lazy
  11. xstortionist

    New Model!!!! El Dookay The Wrestler!!!

    I sorta just tweaked that so called "basemodel" I made and came up with this. Hope u guys like it...oh yea I changed the abs...I will get a screen shot of that up soon.