1. B

    Full powered attack stuns the player slightly

    Launching attacks such as Kamehameha so fluently seems so...not DBZ, right? I think that if I were to power up a kamehameha wave to the max power after being beaten up, or being a bit low stamina, the player should then stop where he/she is and pant as if they are totally drained of energy...
  2. D

    a slightly new map update

    not sure if its been brought up yet but it seems cold steel has made a new map cold steels Dev journal scroll to the bottom
  3. L

    A Slightly More Balanced Buu Absorbed

    ud charge it up (would take about 1/2 sb charge time) it would than fall to the ground when u right click someone it would move along the ground till it was under them (even if they had moved) and they could A) Block Struggle with it B) Shoot it (if it the blast was strong enough to destroy it)...
  4. S

    Slightly Improved Teleport

    I was thinking that maybe if you hold down the teleport button, it would show a small charger that, the longer you held it down, the farther you teleported. I'm not saying super duper far away but maybe 2 1/2 teleports at max. It would definitely help with those telehits :). -UltraPerfectCell
  5. Ryoko

    Tried something slightly different.

    What do you think? I know it's not relaly different, but it's smaller and the bg has a few changes.
  6. Jimesu_Evil


    The Father of Goku has decided to be part of ESF, and he asked me personally to help him get in! Not really, I just made a model of him. *Pic removed* -grOOvy This is an edit of Brollman's Bardock (I just made it 1.1 compatible, added a transparent scouter, and fixed a couple of other...
  7. Optional

    Pulling hair out of my head!

    OK, I just thought up of something really cool to make with Valve Hammer! It requires vertex manipulation, right? OK, I make a block. Then, I barely move it up and boom! Invalid Solid Structure error! I do a fix and it moves it like 50 ft. away from where the hell I wanted it! Gah, it's so...

    (Megasaiyan)Gohan (not ssj3).

    I changed the hair and the eyes a little bit. I think it looks cool. ***EDIT*** Tell me what you think. ***EDIT*** If you want to see the pic just click on the link and tell me what do you think about it by posting in this thread.
  9. Z

    radits model for wariors of destiny

    look at my site for my new radits
  10. I

    Umm.. Can Someone Make a Skin Of Bardock you no goku's dad..

  11. Mistery X

    SSJ2 gohan, finaly skinned

    check it out guys... the model is finaly skinned thanks to Raven Blade a.k.a. Halcyon, and its the final skin now all there is left to do is put the animations on him and we've got to find a capable animator to do that.. ^_^ ne way enjoy the eye candy OH btw its not for ESF, we are...
  12. D

    enyone plz do me a favor

    make a huge model ex piccolo at the tenkachi budokai or a ozaru cuz it would be werry cool with a giant ape or a namekian
  13. Naz

    a new sig, anyone likes it?

    hiya I made a new sig, and I'm pretty proud of it, it's not perfected yet, but it's only the first version so... any c&c, complaints, additions, suggestions, are very welcome cyaz Nes
  14. D

    My Goku Head

    im wondering if anyone can give me any idea's on how to improve my face Mesh, im just not happy with the face, but dont know what to do with it i know its messy, but poly count doesnt matter at this stage P.s the skin isent final
  15. Synth

    Raditz Model?

    Does anyone know where I can get a Raditz model?