1. Graive

    photoshop siggy skillz!

    Hey guys i made this sig in photoshop its the first thing i have done its not complete but tell me what i can improve and stuff :cool:
  2. S

    Anyone got good web skillz?

    Post here if you got AWESOME web skillz cause im making a game called Dragonball AF: The game and I need a webpage post back!
  3. D


    could someone give me a link of a website which contains esf models/skins?
  4. ZuL

    Strong Bad

    He is as good as done, and to make him as "natural" as possible, I can't do much about the legs. 3d studio max's "celshading" feels a bit experimental, but it lived up the model alot. I'm thinking about having this model for a coming HL2 mod... (mainly because the model is 5000 polys :rolleyes...
  5. F

    Wow! Amazing 1337 Skillz!!

    How do the other players stay so close together and kill each other when it takes me about 50 kamehamehas to kill one guy!O_O Everybody moves so fast I can't keep up with them or even hit them? Plz help me out!:cry:
  6. E

    Capsule Corp Trunks Model!

    Hey guys, Jboskma will be skinning him :) Trunks: 2076 Polys Sword Belt: 222 Polys Sword: 208 Polys Sword Case: 14 Polys the sword and belt are optional another coloured render: personally, i suck at posing model, but i thougth id give it a try, so heres my pose up of...
  7. VorteX

    my mad ms paint skillz!

    click here to see
  8. Kman3252

    Free Flash Sig

    what do you think? if lots people like this i ill problably make more! I will ad in your name if u want this one. First come first serve. <embed src="" quality="high" width="350" height="65"> Edit - i will fix that white line ^
  9. Morrone

    Request: Battle Training Saiyan Armor

    I'd like to see Goku and Gohan models with the same saiyan armor Trunks and Vegeta have. Ya know the ones Bulma made for them to use in the HBTC. I dont think it would be that hard (then again im not a modeler) but I would assume all you would have to do is reduce the Trunks and/or Vegeta models...
  10. T

    eclipse model coooooooooloooo

    heeeeeyaaaaaa new model!check it out
  11. S

    Gosh My Face Is RED!

    lol look at this... its my ACTUAL SKIN WITHOUT THE SKINMAP BACKWARDS... My Real Skin Of Brolli
  12. S

    Goku Head Reskin (W.I.P.)

    ooo... look at my pretty new skin, a modification of my old one with my new graphire tablet... ahhhh... anyway take a look...
  13. VivaLaPineapple

    my 1337 drawing skillz

    its not dbz but its my original character here it is