1. Mkilbride

    Crysis 3 Singleplayer preview...

    I know I may be alone in stating I liked Crysis 2 better than Crysis 1, but man does Crysis 3 look bad. Boring, generic, plain, no visual style, unlike Crysis 2, even lacks that "charm' that Crysis 1 had. Seems more like Call of Duty than Crysis.
  2. Nemix

    Singleplayer Games & Great Movies

    What good singeplayare games and great movies do you recommand me? In 20 July I'll be cut off from the internet, TV and phone at my moms house, my parents divorced and my mom can't afford to pay all these... And I want do download some games and movies I'll use later so I have them on my PC...
  3. hleV

    No More Valve Singleplayer?
  4. B


    How can i play ESF in singleplayer? Where is written to Start game no button in that place so what cna i do? :cry:
  5. frsrblch

    Crysis Singleplayer Demo;8895696;/fileinfo.html It's been out for a couple days now, and I've been playing away at it. I'm running it at a mere 1024x768 so I can do high settings with a smooth frame rate, and the visuals are simply stunning. The game crashes when I try to...
  6. J

    Esf Single-player?

    I know that esf is supposed to be a multi-player slug fest, but I was wondering if a single-player campaign would be a feasble idea, or perhaps a co-op on-line campaign which progressed through a custom campaign or recreate the dbz sagas. If this is something already discussed/not even worth...
  7. A


    I remember in the older versions that u could play without going online and stuff but now when i try and play i get the client.dll error and yes i have already done the version 1.2.1 thing and that didnt solve a there even a way i can play just like the old way?
  8. H

    SSF - a singleplayer DBZ mod

    Hi people SSF is a singleplayer mod for was suppose to be a mod for ESF, but since we didn't have the ESF 1.1 source code, it couldn't be done... To moderators: We aren't a wanna be mod team... if you can see, this is a SINGLEPLAYER mod - just a note not to be flamed
  9. C

    Short Single-Player!!

    I was thinking u could make a small single-player where u can do co-op too! i think all the players would rly enjoy this and it would be fun doing a story mode!! :laff:
  10. M

    Can i play with ESF in singleplayer in normal halflife ?

    hello, is there a way to play ESF in the normal halflife levels ? with scientist and stuff, just normal hafllife singeplayerlevels but with ESF models and there weapons :D please help me !
  11. Z

    MAPS for S.....

    Single Player: okay ive posted this in Suggestions but if anyone would have Single player then we have to make the maps so pleaz read my post in suggestions or click and imaginage the maps in ur head and make them!here