1. T

    Simpler cvar editing

    This doesn't even have to be done by any dev. Any ol' coder could likely do it. I was thinking something like this. A program that has all the class_, charge_turbo_ and ki_cost_ cvars in an editable list. Something like... ...that. Any good? :)
  2. []Kirby

    A simpler Advanced melee (maybe)

    The idea behind this advanced melee mode is to: A. move around the map more B. stop those pesky ppl who wait around till its over then kamehameha ur butox C. more fun D. elminate random arrows Ok my idea would have once you go into advanced melee mode you have two choices. Block...
  3. |Da|K|


    hmmm made somethin new..... CRITZ... p.s this is all photoshop no 3d programs :-D
  4. mysticssjgoku4

    Mao Problems

    ok Heres One Thing Ive Found Out Wrong About Map Creating For ESF. I tried making four cameras in my map and they did not work. i followed the totourials for it over and over but they still didnt work. plz help