1. ssj999vegeta

    one of those new anime sigs

    sum1 do me one of those new anime sigs every1 has i.e. grooves sig
  2. M

    Smo made sigs =X

    Im booored.. so Im gunna post some recent sigs i have made =X see if anyone likes ems. Sigs: watcha fiiink :O
  3. -{VC}-EsKiMo

    another one of meh sigs...

    play critts its my 5 or 6th on making it yea. if u cant see it its the lp one i know its low q here the link:
  4. M

    How to put things in your Sigs

    My question is this: how do you put hyper dimension or butoden animations on your sig, and how do you put pics? EDIT: Woops, didnt see the sigs forum. plse move this mods.
  5. Twilight

    Twilight Productions Pic

    100% self made with photoshop in bout an hour, lol
  6. B


    :cry: i need a cool sig cause mine suxx anyone has suggestions and/or pictures of bomberman for in my sig?
  7. Buce

    sigs & avatars

    somone probably already asked this but how do u make a custom avatar or put one that is not on the list and how do u put a pic where the sig is?
  8. |Da|K|

    new sigs

    new sig i made for hiro :-p i kno about the typo i'll fix it later
  9. |Da|K|

    new sigs....

    i made some new sigs for a comp agaisnt some other GFX clan watcha think? Critz/comments plz
  10. |Da|K|

    New SiGs (long itme)

    hey guyz long time jus wana show meh new sigs off :-D... this one an da best fiddy sig u moda ****as gonna see
  11. M

    Souljager's sigs

    Well, I've been posting more and more sigs on here lately, and i've decided I might as well make my own thread for all of them.. So here it is. Well, here's my latest work: I origionally was trying to make a rust coating on a skin for an X-Wing model, but it didn't work out. So i scaled...
  12. P

    Need a model!!

    Can some one make a Model of C18 in this cloth i know it are a bad pic but it was the best i can find
  13. OubliezJe

    Sigs /help!!

    i red that thing bout [img] but what do i do? im smart at computers but not done this before. i have a site does that help but its free what sucks but its temp.
  14. DocJay

    2 sigs, dunnu which one to take...

    Yeah, help me decide or
  15. F

    A site that will host sigs?

    I was wondering if anyone knew a site that will host sigs, avatars I found a site