1. T

    New signature,avatar

    Well how do you like them? I made them my self :laff:
  2. B

    and another new signature

    think ima stick around with this one for quite a while the logo is created by me.. i did this in photoshop by taking a picture of a wall and adding the layer to it with bledning modes (the shape of the logo was cut uit of another part of that same wall and blended it.. then some fiddling with...
  3. -Origin

    New favourite signature!! Gaara strikes again!

    Here's a new favourite signature, I really like this one:
  4. -Origin

    New Gaara signature.

  5. MasterTrix


    Hey, how do you put ligns on your signature ... hmm How do I say it in english .... a square, around your signature. hmmm, in dutch; Lijnen zoals bij een kader. Lijnen die je sig omringen, maken ze mooier.
  6. X

    New Signature!

    critz please.
  7. R

    A Naruto Signature

    Here is a Naruto one what do you think?
  8. R

    Gaara Signature

    Tell me what you think :)