1. Slofreak

    Another Late night sign

    Just 2:46 am here and saw this kewl render of this flying knight and decided to spice it up a bit. Not to much of a work, sometimes keeping it simple is the way to go :) EDIT: Did try removing the shadow but it looked to flat, so i just used it a bit less 1 instead 5.
  2. Mkilbride

    Guild Wars 2 Open Beta SIGN UPS! It keeps constantly crashing, but it's confirmed by a Devs Twitter. 48 hour Signups only! Oh Hell yes, I am in! Scannertron 5000 thingy, uploaded my specs, entered my info, and said I am now registered!
  3. Mous4u

    My New Sign (Sat 7 November 2009)

    hey guys got new sign of gohan SSJ and Gohan SSJ2 look..... if anyone thinks i should get my old one back just ask. :yes: also YAY with my name in a funny way.
  4. elcor

    new sign!!

    hello , since long time i make one new sign.i hope you like.i dont be very happy but i like,the text i dont your coment please!! :devil:
  5. Slofreak

    Sign for Grega

    Whell i know Grega has his Trunks sign for looooooong time now and when i was looking to get idea for new sign i got it from Gregas sign. Rate plizz Original pic: Sign:
  6. Slofreak

    ROoR ! Oozaru sign !

    whell i found this kool pic of a oozaru, i think its vegeta...? and i said to my self i got to make it even if its late its 18 min past midnight so i worked this sign good half hour and i am happy with it, to me it realy looks like he is gonna destory some buildings xD rate plizz Original...
  7. Slofreak

    kool looking gogeta sign !

    whell i got agean some free time and made this sign the sun isnt a brush but i made it from normal brush circle than i used the smudge tool and work the fine rays rate plizz original pic: sign:
  8. Slofreak

    screaming Goten sign !

    whell i got some free time and tryed making a new sign i know i like it rate plizz. the original pic the sign
  9. Slofreak

    Superman sign !

    its a bird, its a plane....noo its SUPERMAN ! XD what do you think...?
  10. Rayos

    The Search for the Shadow *SIGN UP*

    This is a Forum text based role playing game. Started by KWStyle and Sarutobi Sensei. You are more than welcome to join and can participate but listen to the rules. They will be posted by KWS Name: Age: Appearance: Specialty: Background and Behavior NOTE:This RP is created as an...
  11. Soulz

    Tournament, u missed the sign up!

    Tournament - u missed the sign up yet u want to participate in one. as u know the tournaments are open to all. just post here if u wanted to participate in the tournament but missed ure chance for that last one. people that are in the previous tournaments will be asked if they wish to...
  12. Soulz

    SIGN UP! Tournament!!

    Use this thread to sign in the Akatsuki Tournament (Details in Nickname : SteamID : MSN//ICQ/AIM
  13. kaiz0ku

    WOW sign.

    So because I have tried World of Warcraft(10d trial rofl) I decided to make a sign about it. ^^ If someone wants it, I can change the name of it. o_o
  14. Theoboy

    A cool sign?

    Are there someone there will make me a cool sign based on this pic: The pic should be at the right and in the lower left corner it shall say "TheoBoy" and a cool background.
  15. LionHeart

    Can someone make me a sign??

    Can someone make me a sign with Goku SSJ3 that says LionHeart on it?????
  16. kaiz0ku

    Rate this sign. :E

    So I made this signature. PS. And yeah, clock was 4.40AM when I made this :tired:
  17. 041leo041

    esf tournament sign !

    whell i just made it for fun there is no tournament jet...
  18. |Overlord|

    What star sign are you?

    Pisces ftw. Just as no one cooks us for lunch or tea, wer'e fish ;0.
  19. Suh Dude

    Have Many forums have you have sign up?

    I have signed up about... somewhere in the 70 area :rolleyes:
  20. K

    look here>>>> PICTURE SIGN

    can someone tell me how i get a picture for my signature...i really want one of teh banners with a do models posed like they are fighting someone help me out plz...appriciate it -Killa
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