1. Mkilbride

    Bionic eye gives sight to the blind. Finally. This is amazing...I always thought that if I went blind, I'd find some way to die. I'm weak like that and wouldn't want to live blind. But this gives me a chance if that horrible thing happens.

    Plain Sight

    The game is on Steam and it's pretty fun, kind of reminds me of esf. Needs more players. Check it out.
  3. S

    Cure to diabetes in sight? Sounds promising.
  4. Smith

    Cure to diabetes in sight? Sounds promising.
  5. S

    Camera Positions

    Hello, i want to know how i can make some camera positions on maps, so i can change to them while i make a power struggle. and how can i change to them then??? (just like in cs_assault where u can look at cameras) __________________________________________ i have read somewhere that...
  6. O

    any custom wads?

    or just any texture, the wads in the folder are not much, so i was wondering if someone has any ..... thx anyway
  7. USJTrunks

  8. G

    check out our newest model

    it was just finished today i am doing the skin right now check this out this was made by PSYCH0TIC MISFIT he did a great job if you ask me tell us what you think of it i need 2 very skiners