1. D

    Siggy Request please.

    Hey i was just wondering if neone could make me a siggy of imperfect cell to semi perfect to perfect with these pics but if these dont work then al find sum more ok. THX if u cant use all in the sig just use one of the pictures instead. THX
  2. ~Dark Trunks~

    Siggy #2 =)

    Hi guys this is the first sig i ever made so i wanted some insight on wut i could to to get better at makin sigs and some crits. It would be much appreciated ;D
  3. Spunky

    My First Official Siggy ^^

    Well, over the past few months, I've been learning to photoshop, and I think I've come a long way since I first started. But anyways, check it out: I'm very proud of this sig, as it's the first one that I've managed to get exactly the way that I wanted it. Anyways, let the c&c begin!
  4. E

    PoP siggy ( defaults )

    Mine second defaults sig. Don't mind those damn lightnings, was playiing with them, and in end loosing .psd file and not being able to fix them >_O But neweys. I saw Superveires sig ( corona bytes ), and decided to try to do sig with same technique - so props to Superveire.
  5. D

    Siggy Request!!!

    Hey i was wonderin if someone could make me a sig with any of these pics. I've gotten bored of my old one and its annoying to me how the pic of gero sticks out of sig. So if theres anyone out there who can make good sigs could u plz make me one THX.
  6. Gama

    Siggy request

    well its that time again where i cant be bothered to make a new one so who wants to make me one? Naruto one is me first chose or just go crazy u pick
  7. E

    Prince of Persia siggy

    Took me 20 mins to make it >_O crits 0-10 thx
  8. K

    Siggy Request (Please.. lol)

    Yeah.. umm I am rather new at anything at this forum.. so I am going to try not to make myself look like a fool here. Could you possibly make a sig with these pictures involved? Pic 1: Pic...
  9. A

    New siggy o/

    K here's my new siggy! Hope you guys like it. And if you barely see a border, it's there, you can barely see it though.
  10. G

    New siggy ;|!

    Ooh, so this cute guy Ness decided to make me one, I just wanted to let everyone know how much me and my new kitty love him. Gogo, Rate my kitten and Ness's work!
  11. TRSS

    New siggy

    ok i made a new one cause i didnt like the last one...... whatcha think
  12. Kasey

    New siggy

    My first new sig in a while like 2 weeks i think. It's my first sig that isnt actually really reallly bad. I'll post the image so you can see it if i change my sig again. *edit* rate it 1-10. I forgot this too. I made the whole thing except for the picture which is from the manga. Crits...
  13. Spirit Bomb

    Want a Siggy Ask me

    Want a siggy ill make you one if you want :laff: Cant make them move though :(
  14. Graive

    MGS Siggy

    I made this the otherday its from the game "Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes" (The remake of the original MGS for PSone) for those who dont know
  15. bapplebo

    Dante Siggy

    Changed style just a bit for this one, I'm planning to use this until maybe next month =P.
  16. bapplebo

    Mah first animated siggy ^_^.

    Should I use it? This was because I can't be bothered to beat the 2nd boss in Ninja Gaiden (beat him now when I finished it).
  17. bapplebo

    New siggy

    C&C? My net is killed (only <128 kbp/s now o.o) so I made this.
  18. S

    My new Trunks siggy

    This is my new comic-like sig :laff: What do you think?
  19. D

    esf siggy

    i'd like to introduce my first esf siggy here ^^
  20. O


    My first siggy here at the forums C & C