1. L

    Energy Attacks Shortcuts

    Pretty simple idea and in my opinion could prove useful. With this, we would have 2 ways of shooting attacks. One would be scrolling trough the attacks and pressing left mouse button. The second would be BINDING those attacks to a key on they re own. For example I could choose to bind...
  2. SailorAlea

    Useful, Lesser-known Windows Shortcuts

    I've noticed that when I use my computer, people ask me how I do several things so quickly. It's through short-cuts. There are a multitude of useful shortcuts people just don't know about. I'll list a few, and see if anyone else knows some I don't know or forgot to list. 1) CTRL+SHIFT+ESC...
  3. S

    Desktop shortcuts.. quick question

    hey, i dont like the crappy little white icon with a black arrow on all my desktop shortcuts, is there a way i can remove it? =\ its a dumb question i know, but i like things to look right >_>
  4. I

    f1am3nCrystals -Shortcuts

    :shocked: i just downloaded f1am3nCrystals -Shortcuts.............i put it in my esf folder but i cant transform right away.....the instructions say: How it works ------------ You bind a key to instantly transform into that level. I created this because i think its much better and...
  5. N

    <-- New ESF mapper - kind of lost..

    I'm pretty new to mapping, but really new to ESF mapping.. I got the files that I need (the but I'm running into a few problems. I have a few things down on my map and when I go to run it, it loads fine but when I go to join a team, it simply restarts the map. Not sure how to...
  6. X

    Making ShortCuts for ESF

    1. Copy your Counter-Strike, Team Fortress Classic or for that matter any Half Life Shortcut. Paste it on your desctop. 2. Right click on the new shortcut and go to properties. 3. In the Target Box it should say: C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\hl.exe -console -game "shortcutsgamename". Change...