1. En'me

    Shine (AMV)

    After quite some time I ACTUALY managed to get a new hard drive (500 GB Very Happy), so I could contouinue (STFU, I know it's spelled wrong Razz) working on my amvs. So, I finaly managed to upload something that's over 1 min which is quite exiting, but it isn't a full AMV either. It isn't...
  2. nemix12

    ESF Menu / Shine EFFECT??

    so i want to change my esf menu skin and id like to add this shine effect in esf how can i do that??
  3. T

    Any final shine sounds?

    Any one no were i can get a final shine sound it will go great with ss4 vegeta skin.
  4. T

    ??Final shine sound??

    Any one no were i can find a _final shine attack_ sound it will go good with my ss4vegeta skin.
  5. shay

    trunks sword shine

    can someone make trunks sword shine in a similer way that frieza head and armor does (1st form)... i dont belive its a hard thing to do if ur someone who know something in modeling or skinning or whateva...(i dont :fight: ) think about it ! ;D thats it
  6. D

    Final Shine

    some guy in the forum(i dont remember who) said about making an Attack Called Final Shine and he said he found it himself BUT i just saw a video Clip of DBGT where Vegeta is fighting Super Android 17 and at a time Vegeta says ( Shut up and Taste my Final Shine Attack) and then he loads a Green...
  7. Wizard's Curse

    Wizard's Curse Final Shine project! ™

    I got this awsome idea a few days ago ... make a final shine ... w/o coding ... Im talking about changing the Final flash into a Final shine ! I think its posible to make a script soo when you fire a flash ... it blows up in your face. I chould make the beam invisible and some sparks(the...
  8. I

    Spirit Bomb, Final Shine and Beams

    Ok here my idea BIGGER SPIRIT BOMB =P Only for higher power levels though + it would take more time to charge, alot more we all saw how big it was when he was versing kid buu i also think it should act like an unmoveable beam (what i mean is if someone blocks it it starts a bs). I'm also in...
  9. afrotyze

    red sig shine

    heres a nice red sig, wat u guys think?
  10. V

    Final Shine Attack

    A simple pole to se wether final shine attack for vegeta would be a good idea to concider.
  11. Wangster

    first attempt at coloring and shading!

    hi, i made a lil drawing, and i saw some work collord on this board, so i thought, what the hell, lets give it a shot, so here it is my magnificent *cough* and proffesional * double cough* i call the guy, the evil proffesor since i made him that lil glas on his eye... hey why you looking at me...
  12. S

    Final Shine?

    do u think that the ESF team should add the final shine? plz no flameing
  13. E

    Final Shine Attack

    There is this move by Vegeta called Final Shine....It is like the Big Bang attack mixed with Final Flash.It is strictly a ssj move.Vegeta forms a ball in one hand like big bang but facing squarley foward.Then yells Final Shine.The ball gets pushed foward by a gigantic beam like it is a Final...
  14. Darkside

    Final Shine

    DO you think the team could add in Vegeta's Final Shine attack?? (Self Destruct) That attack is very cool and could be balanced so its not too cheap by maybe bringing the player down to 1 hp and like 1 ki but be super powerful or just killing the player. and have a timer so that you cant use it...