1. D


    Tell me what you think I should add as well as shading to be applied, this ain't the final so it's dirty If it won't load click here Jet Black sketch preview
  2. SSJ_Bardock

    Is this Good for MS Paint?

    Is this Good for MS Paint?+Share ur sigs I wanna see Is the -=[TIS] SSJ Bardock sig good for MS Paint? Aren't you guys happy I have a real sig finally :D :D :D :D ehem:\
  3. Goj1ta

    My cheap ssj 3 drawn on comp

  4. V

    Form2 - a new era

    Thought you all might want to check out what I've done so far on the skin for Cell's 2nd form. I still have some shading and color tweaks to make, so don't be too harsh on it. *UPDATED IMAGE