1. Tassadar

    File Structure Setup (.spr)

    heres an idea: Make it so each model or charecter would have his own individual sprites for transforming, charging or powerup. That way maybe you could have Goku's Kaioken (red aura) while having it so Vegeta's aura is still purplish/clear. I'm aware its like this for Cell and Buu, maybe think...
  2. Mr. Satans

    Batch Compile Set-Up

    For those of you who compile maps via a batch file, here is a VERY good setup for a good compile. > hulls.txt hlcsg.exe -hullfile hulls.txt -nowadtextures "C:\Half-Life\MAPPING\ESF_MapName" -wadautodetect -estimate -high %1 hlbsp.exe -estimate -high %1 "C:\Half-Life\MAPPING\ESF_MapName"...
  3. E

    melee struggles setup

    i been thinking about this for a while. split up the power strugle bar into 5 sections . like so. section 1 section 2 middle section section 2 section 1 2 sections in each half and 1 section in the middle area. when the struggle is occuring in the middle section no1 is getitng hit ...
  4. O

    Request for ESF Files since setup crashes

    or a fix for it i need the files can anyone host them in a zip?
  5. S

    Transformations and Spirit Bomb wont load

    Can anyone help me please? When i am playing ESF, i go to do a transformation or use Goku's Spirit Bomb attack, my computer shuts ESF and Halflife off all together. I want to know how i can fix this porblem. Can anyone help me please???
  6. G

    Kami Map

    Where can I get this KAMI I dont like the one I have is on NIGHT I want this one on DAY not NIGHT.
  7. Marauder

    Bryce 5\3dsm 4.2 probs

    hey guys, i got both Programs, and when i try and Setup up them(by Pressing setup),my pc thinks for 5 secs or so, and then does nothing, this happen to anyone? and if som, what did u do O_o?
  8. B

    Need help to Setup LAN server?

    I recently download the ESF beta 1.0 and try to set up a Lan server. However, when i try to start a lan server, it come out an error:- *************************************************** 0.0 fps 0( 0 spec)/ 6 on FATAL ERROR (shutting down): W_LoadWadFile: couldn't load gfx.wad...
  9. Jaredster

    ok..ok..this may have been asked alot

    Ok...this may of been asked alot. Is there any setup files for Worldcraft so i can make ESF maps?
  10. S

    Want to join / setup a UK ESF team/clan?

    If anyone that lives in the UK wants to join the clan/team I am setting up for ESF, reply to my email me, reply to this thread or alternatively head to my DBZUK website , email me from there or head to the forum and leave a post in the ESF board. Anyone can join as long as they live in the...