1. K

    ..MilkShape 1.6.6

    i jsut bought MilkShape 3d(version 1.6.6) and im lost already i carnt do F*** all on it so can anyone help me making models ect
  2. Wangster

    3dsm 5.0 question

    when i create something and i whant to render it, i get a render tab, i can edit a lot of settings, but there isnt an aply button or something like that, so how do i aply the render to a pic i made??? edit: anyone??
  3. stiffdog

    need help uploading pics

    uh how do i upload a picture from my computer to post in this section of esf forum?
  4. B

    Model Pack here (not by me)

    I Have made a model pack AND I HAVE NOT MADE THE models There is problay everything you can think off except of a Frieza model and a Krillin model (I think) :devgrin: I Have found some credits and it goes to : AZN Dragon, Majin Gotenks ESF team members, SS_Vegeta, Mastersurf,D.C...
  5. D


    HI! I am not sure if this should go in help but does anyone know where i can download models! Thanks Anyways
  6. Damaera


    Ok guys I'm a new map maker............... and I really suck at the sky wall part... Maybe someone can help me?
  7. TehMuffinMan

    Non player .mdl help

    righty then... you know the .mdl's that are in the esf/models section.. the ones that are NOT in the player section like sbc.mdl. im having problems with them and im shure many others do too.. you try it... decompile one of those models in ms3d then try and compile without chaging...
  8. A

    Bojack trunks

    Im making a bojack trunks edit for my first edit. Ill post a pic in a sec, just gota fix it a bit. Oh, and thanks magus for posting the link in my Helo thread :]
  9. M

    Goku GT Adult wanted

    If anyone knows where i can get a Goku GT Adult model please post the Download link here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thx for everyone
  10. M

    Can someone make me a sig

    It would be nice if someone put my name like so between his hands were he is making a beam my name like so =->Maistro<-= and under in the midle write =->Dragonball Warriors<-= thax already reply
  11. G

    how dow i mack a map in valve hammer editor

    if u can help? plz do
  12. F

    Help on photoshop

    meh, i just download *cough*bought*cough* photoshop, and i messed around with it for a while and realized i have no idea what im doing, and all the tutorial on the internet dont help on making sigs, so im wondering if some1 would be nice enough to help meout:D ;D
  13. G

    Please Help

    When i create a my own server and use maps like esfcity and kamilookout and ect. people join the server but when i create a server and use the maps that ive downloaded for example like afcnamek2 or wbigarena and and the apetowers and stuff like that know one seems to join at all and i notcied...
  14. S

    Pro's great edits plz reconsider

    Pro youre models youre edits are great i don't understand why you get pissed off for nothing if you hate credits than let someone else release the model Or give them to the loyal esf playes if you reconsider send them to me and i will release it on snake-d site (and if you hate credit so...
  15. Optional


    TM_NorthHighway - FINISHED! images: DL link: click on ""...
  16. B

    damn skins

    how do i make skins on milkshape in windows XP
  17. B

    how do u get holes out

    how do u get holes out of ur projects.
  18. M

    request: Gotenks

    hi, i've been looking everywhere on this form, on redsaiyan and i searched the net, but i just CANT find a gotenks model!!!! does it actually excist? is someone working on it? if it is already made, can someone give me a link so i can dload it? thnx
  19. S

    I Need A Good Modling Tool

    hey i need a good modling tool and not gmax i tryed that one and they never gave me a good code :S it says it was invalid so i fu could put a link down for a good one i would thanx u a lot :yes:
  20. U

    a skin i made

    okay this is a begginner skin okay i just made it