1. J-Dude

    Why are my Music discs screwing up?!

    I'm not big on a lot of the music people consider cool. I know little about bands, and my taste is very particular. It's usually, but not always isolated pieces that catch my ear, and so I love to collect my favorites and make a mix cd to play in my car on my way to school or work. However...
  2. |Overlord|

    IRC screwing up

    ok some people are getting the impression that i am hacking the irc channel. To make things clear I DON'T EVEN KNOW THE FIRST THING ABOUT HACKING!!! events that may have caused this are : joining kurts channel and getting banned for no reason , for some reason i got set to +v when i joined...
  3. S is screwing up on me and i dunno why

    ok, if this is posted somewhere else already, i have yet to find it, and nobody has a straight answer to give me to what the problem is. If it has been posted already, the someone give me a link please, if not try to help me out and i would appreciate it. Ok, i downloaded esf and it worked...
  4. D

    sry, lost my original post

    Ok, this right here is my first actual attempt, and i was screwing around in MSPaint, cuz i dont have paintshop YET, so if it sucks... deal with it, here ya go... and YES his body is chibi size compared to is head if u...
  5. S

    skinning question

    is there any way to just shade something a different color without screwing up the detail. and i have photostudio and paint shop pro 7.
  6. R

    a teraditional arena map....but....

    but this time it has biohazardous stiff around the arena (Doesnt damage yet,going to fix it) For now its just for training purposes,but maybe Im gonna make it a tourny map pics for now,forgive my horrendous lighting in the map,it was supposed to...
  7. Hsu

    new sig

    My new sig that I made. I had a few cowboy bebop cells laying around so i decided to use them. I think this is the best sig that I have made so far and if any of you remember my old ones I think you will agree.
  8. S

    how to make maps?

    i just got esf and i want to make a map how do i make maps?